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  1. X

    Archive Research.

    N.A.R.A. [National Archives and Records Adminstration], Textual Reference Branch at College Park, Maryland, U.S.A. ....does any frequent this storage centre or who may be planning to visit at some near-future date? I am hopeful that someone might be willing to search out some WW2-era USAAF...
  2. X

    "Junkers Aircraft and Engines, 1913-1945" by Antony L. Kay

    Does anyone have a copy of this book? (Published 2004 by Putnam, London)
  3. hesham

    Junkers Ju 287, Developments, Projects and Prototypes

    Hi, The previous really picture was for EF-131 V2 six engined bomber, and a drawing to it with wind-channel model.
  4. V

    Favorite giant airplane project

    This is a poll intended to gauge what your favorite giant airplane project of the pre-1945 period is. The ANT-26 is often seen as the largest Soviet warplane project of the pre-1945 era, but the Germans in WW1 envisaged a monster bomber with a 479 foot span and we now know that Consolidated and...