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Oct 24, 2018
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N.A.R.A. [National Archives and Records Adminstration], Textual Reference Branch at College Park, Maryland, U.S.A.
....does any frequent this storage centre or who may be planning to visit at some near-future date?
I am hopeful that someone might be willing to search out some WW2-era USAAF Technical Intelligence Reports concerning the wartime activities and projects of the Junkers Flugzeug und Moterenwerk of Dessau. I have already read the summary C.I.O.S. report (# A-435) dealing with Junkers aircraft projects which gives a general survey of the different designs undertaken but, of aircraft only. It is logical to assume that this report had a twin in the form of a summary of the piston aero-engine development undertaken by Junkers before and during WW2 and possibly spawning further model and type-specific technical reports.
I would very much like to have a read (as I'm sure that all the forum readers would, also!).
The aircraft report referred to (above) is archived in Records Group RG 255, so the engines report might also be there or not too far away.
Anyone prepared to search?