1. RavenOne

    Goodbye Huey

    The introduction of the Airbus Helicopters H145M LUH SAR into the Bundeswehr to replace the venerable legacy Bell Dornier UH-1D SAR in the Heeresflieger over the last couple of years, it is auf wiedersehn. View: If it was not for Covid, last year...
  2. covert_shores

    Type-XXI Submarine with Ursel rockets

    Usual caveats apply, full size cutaway at The Type-XXI was important in a lot of ways, but had the Ursel rockets made it into service I think it could have further reshaped Cold War submarine equipment, at least in the immediate...
  3. Grey Havoc

    Austrian Wine Poisoning Scandal (Fredrik Knudsen)

  4. M

    3 space companies (1 major, 2 startups) receive funding from the German gov aerospace agency competition to develop small satellite launch vehicles

    Translated from German. German Aerospace Center (DLR)German center for aerospace 14 July 2020 DLR micro-launcher competition: three of These Teams next round Jury...
  5. Grey Havoc

    Endgame for Iran Nuclear deal?
  6. J

    Messerschmitt Bf/Me 109 - Blohm & Voss Bv 155 Projects & Prototypes

    B&Voss 155 B Initial upper wing radiator
  7. F

    Ta 152 and Fw 190 D variants

    So i found different sources and websites saying different kind rockets used on Ta 152 and the Fw 190 D variants. Can you please help me clarify which of theese models used rockets and other air to ground and or anti tank ordnances with possible sources even if it was in a book?
  8. Grey Havoc

    Multirole Combat Ship 180 (MKS 180, formerly K131)

    (h/t BansheeOne over at Tanknet) The program has however been badly delayed, leading to the procurement of 5 more K130 corvettes as a stopgap (despite their designation, basically oversized FACs)...
  9. blackkite

    Eurofighter Typhoon

    Hi! I got this drawing in 2008 AEROSPACE JAPAN. Enjoy.
  10. C

    Grob G850 Strato 2C

    Hi Everyone! I'm very interested in the Grob G850 Strato 2C, (a research aircraft), and I was wondering if anyone had any three-views of this aircraft and if so, could you possibly post them on this website. I'd like to do some illustrations of this aircraft and possibly a scratch-built model...