1. V

    Douglas (Long Beach) Model 1044 and 1072 light assault transports

    I have a copy of the book American Secret Projects: US Airlifters 1941 to 1961 and on pages 74-75 it discusses the Douglas company's proposals for powered versions of the Model 1028 (CG-19) and Model 1029, including the Model 1044 and Model 1072. Specifications for those proposals (from page 76...
  2. taildragger

    Unknown Douglas Convertaplane

    Painting recently found listed on eBay with no useful background. Does anyone have any info on it? The artist is R.G. Smith, house artist at Douglas Aircraft, and it looks like his style so I assume it represents a Douglas concept. Douglas explored all sorts of exotica over the years - WIGs...
  3. Maveric

    Douglas Designations

    Hi all, I search for a list of Douglas designation! Can anybody help? PLEASE!!!! Servus Maveric