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  1. J

    Lohner Pfeilflieger

    Lohner Pfeilflieger
  2. Airborne2001

    Diplane Yordanov-1

    Meet the first Bulgarian designed aircraft! This plane was designed by the successful Assen Jordanoff, following the necessity for a domestic aircraft is Bulgaria. The need had its roots in the Second Balkan war, which caused the fledgling Bulgarian air industry to begin to fall flat after only...
  3. N

    WW1 Aircraft Weapons (General)

    From Germany: The Fokker Liemberger, a precursor to the modern minigun https://guns.fandom.com/wiki/Fokker-Leimberger The Gast Gun, cylindrical drum mag is the 8mm mauser version, curved box mag is the 13.2mm TuF version https://forum.axishistory.com/viewtopic.php?t=202027...
  4. hesham

    Etrich Aircraft

    Hi, Austrian Igo Etrich (1879-1967) was experimented in aeronautics from 1899. After working with engineer Franz Wels he made a tailless glider with backswept wings in 1907. 1909 Etrich "Nurflügel" (Only Wings) tractor monoplane 1909 Etrich Taube (Dove) tractor monoplane 1909 Etrich-Wels...
  5. uk 75

    Could Britain have done more to avoid World Wars 1 and 2?

    As we end the first year of remembering the start of the First World War and begin to think about the end of the Second World War and the world Britain found itself in, many experts have given us their thoughts on TV and elsewhere about Britain's role in both wars and their impact on Britain's...
  6. Cy-27

    Aviatik (German) Aircraft Types to 1920

    Automobil und Aviatik AG was a German aircraft manufacturer during World War I. The company was established at Mülhausen (today in France) in 1910 by Julius Spengler and soon became one of the country's leading producers of aircraft, relocating to Freiburg in 1914 and establishing a subsidiary...
  7. hesham

    German WW1 Fighters and Recce Aircraft Prototypes and Projects

    Hi, I will repeat the info about Halberstadt,the B Type was two seat unarmed recce biplane of 1914,powered by one Oberursel U D engine,not to be confuse with B.I,B.II & B.III.
  8. hesham

    Friedrichshafen Little Known Prototypes & Projects

    Hi, the Friedrichshafen G.VI was a biplane heavy bomber project,here is its drawing and data.
  9. S

    Austro-Hungarian WW I Projects and Prototypes

    Speaking of which... :)
  10. hesham

    AEG Projects

    Hi, we can also here,speak about AEG projects,and we talk about AEG R-Project and R.II in this topic; http://www.secretprojects.co.uk/forum/index.php/topic,15020.0.html But,does anyone hear about AEG G.VI bomber project ?.
  11. A

    Flugzeugbau Friedrichshafen

    hi all FF 1 Two-seat single-float biplane (11.1912) FF 2 Single-seat two-float monoplane (1913) FF 4 Two-seat two-float monoplane (02.1914) FF 8 Single-seat two-float sport monoplane (06.1913) FF 9 Two-seat single-float racing biplane (06.1913) FF 11 Two-seat reconnaissance biplane...
  12. Michel Van

    Luft '1919 ?

    you know Luft '46 http://www.luft46.com/ over proposed aircraft project during WW2 but is there a similar webpage over proposed project during WW1 ? thanks in advance...
  13. Retrofit

    German WW1 Bomber projects

    Hi, FockeWulf261, I have found some more data concerning the German bombers R series from the book "Prof. Junkers nannte es "Die Flieger"" by Hermann Pohlmann: 1- Junkers R1 power-plant installation (4 x 250hp) 2- Siemens R-1 (Span: 30m, Weight: 5500kg, 3 x 150hp) 3- Zeppelin-Staaken R-VI ((4 x...