Zeppelin "rammer" carrier aircraft?


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27 January 2009
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Hi everyone, im new to this site, and im looking forward to finding out and discussing secret projects with fellow enthusiasts!
My first question!---
ive got a very nice resin kit of the "zeppelin rammer" and id like to have it displayed with/attached to a "carrier plane"
ive got an Ar 234B-2 Blitz kit in the same scale. i wonder if this variant would be suitable for it?
i presume an ar 234c four engined bomber would be more realistic, but im imagining an elderly 234b being pressed into service...??
would it be carried like the "huckepack" piggy back? or maybe towed, or even attached underneath like the heinkel "julia" would have been?.
if anyone out there has any info to help, or any information on ANY proposed carrier aircraft/methods for the zep rammer, please let me know!
thanks, Pat. ;D

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