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25 October 2007
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does anyone have drawings/photos of this late-war german precision bombsight? This elusive piece of equipment is bugging my mind for quite a long time. All I can find is sketchy texts on the operation of the sight. Cheers.
In Kens/Novarra "Die deut.Flugzeuge 1933 - 45" a Zeiss bombsight is shown
(a very small photo only !), which seems not to be a standard Lotfe. But there's
no mention of the designation ... ???
Hi Jemiba,

is it possible to post that tiny picture? Maybe we can ID the bombsight.
Only description "Optisches Bombenzielgerät Zeiss" (optical bombsight Zeiss),
no description or mention elsewhere ... ???


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Hi Jemiba,

that`s the Zeiss Bofe 1 ( Bombenfernrohr ), optisch-vollautomatisches bombenfernrohr. Unfortunatelly I cannot ID my source ( I got this loose copies from a late 30`s/early 40`s german publication ). I have them for quite a long time, supplied by the Deutsches Museum Library.

Do you have something on ASKANIA bombsights?

I just make the vague observation that U-boats used a clockwork calculating direction/rangefinder called a Uboote Ziel Optik which attached to it a pair of Zeiss binoculars.

Seems to me the technology was so similar that there may be a connection if you trace the development of the U-boat sight.

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