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3 March 2007
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I have just been introduced to this site and what an excellent forum it is, I can see myself picking the brains of the experts quite a lot! If anyone is interested I have a site which might prove useful to someone in return and I am always on the lookout for feedback and comments or if there are any tips I can offer up I'm more than happy to help.




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Welcome aboard - I've been impressed by your artwork for sometime. Another site you may be interested in (and which is almost the sister of this one) is www.whatifmodelers.com. I've even shown some of your artwork there (I hope you don't mind).


Hi Greg.

Thanks for the welcome and the kind words. I was half-aware of that site as there has always been something about 'real' modelling that still fascinates me. Happy for the pics to be passed around.

Thanks again.

Thanks a lot - I appreciate the encouragement. I may be dipping into your site from time to time for inspiration - you have some great reference photos!

Welcome Martin :)

Your work is breathtaking!. I love it
My compliments, that's truly a gorgeous site and I'd rank it among the top artistic ones (I'd be hard pressed to rank it any further than that, it falls in with some most excellent company).
It's good to have another link. It's impressive work; out of interest, what software do you use?
Thanks again guys - I'm flattered! (Sorry for the delay in replying by the way - lots going on at work). To answer your question I use Cinema 4D for modelling and Bodypaint / Photoshop for the textures and post production.

The MGRP has been on hold for a while (I didn't know it had been done elsewhere to be honest - I try to do stuff that hasn't been done before but I'm not surprised it has - it's a smart looking thing - like a big firework! . Maybe someday I'll finish mine. I need to model a carrier aircraft for it too - a big Dornier maybe?). I'm on a Post-war RAF tip at the moment following the Hawker - another 50s figher project next in the Hawker family. Inspired by Tony Buttler's books.


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