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24 January 2006
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Here are three great links to electronic sources of FOIA-released data. You might have seen them before, but as I just recently found the first one myself, I figured I'd share the three of them with everyone.

The above link is really cool, but there's no organization. You'll have to read through the two pages of documents to see what they offer, but there is some really good stuff in there.

The above link is the infamous CIA FOIA searchable document archive page. If you haven't seen this site, you should be smited! But I'll throw it in here anyway ;D

The above link is the George Washington University National Security Archive page. I've found some interesting stuff on the AQUATONE and OXCART projects in there myself.
In the DoD site there is a REAL gem:... part of the Strat-X study, unfortunately only three out of twenty volumes. But even the titles of the others are interesting.
Which ones link to the Strat-X study?

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