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27 January 2009
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Hi all!
Im commencing work on 3 new scratchbuilt models.
i am also casting them as i go along so i can build copies for myself, and anyone who may be interested in buying them.( for a very reasonable price...models made for fellow modellers!)
i will happily send 1 of each for free, for a review.
They are...
1. Focke wulf Treibflugel - with optional proposed weaponry..(if any)... ( maybe someone could help me out on that subject!!)

2. sanger space bomber...

3. Messerschmitt 1101 jet fighter -in prototype form and also option to have it in operational use..with x4 missiles and other proposed armamant.

ok...yeah i know theyve all been kitted before....

but these are going to be in 1.32 scale.

they will be made from vac formed parts , resin and white metal.

i have someone who would help out with good accurate decals.

any comments and input will be appreciated.

cheers! ;D
"Triebflügel" armament:
- 2 x MG 151/20
- 2 x MK 103/30


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"Triebflügel" armament:
- 2 x MG 151/20
- 2 x MK 103/30


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Hello zerstorer1946! please keep me informed on this project of yours;D

Any build photos sent my way would be very welcome ;D

You can even use my private email if you wish ;)

Justo Miranda said:
"Triebflügel" armament:
- 2 x MG 151/20
- 2 x MK 103/30
Please be adviced that the thrust/lift diagram was crafted up by me and is nothing official. I drafted that up when I was making my 3D model and trying to figure out how the Triebflügeljäger was supposed to fly. The clue was in the 6-degree downward angle of the guns, which meant that the Trieb should fly nose-up when attacking and voilà: there's your lift vector! In fact most guns are mounted a couple of degrees up, so a flight angle of 7.5 or 8 degrees during the attack profile is more likely (and would increase the lift component even further). So yes, perhaps the Trieb could actually fly! :D Control would be another story. I tend to see this Triebflügeljäger as a manned, rotor-driven missile rather than an aircraft.

I do wonder why nobody ever tried making an RC variant of it to test it out... ::)

In any case, good luck with your scratchbuilding, looking forward to the work-in-progress pictures! :)

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