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3 September 2006
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Now that the copyright problem is hopefully over, I'd like to understand what triggered it. Overscan, could you tell us which were the pictures that the publishers complained about?

How many pics di they find to be offending, and what was their nature? (Scans from this publishers' books, I' guess?)

The point is not to re-open debate and recriminations, but to understand how we triggered this onto ourselves, and to be more aware in the future.
In general, they objected to all items posted from their published books. However, they are realistic and realise I could not find and remove every possible image prior to reopening the forum. Therefore, the changes to the forum rules make it clear that I or the other moderators will remove any item deemed to infringe their copyright when alerted to it within a reasonable timeframe.

I removed a fair number of images, primarily related to the "Secret Projects" and "Aerofax" series.
Thanks, Paul.

I was surprised by their course, because I personally found that our members were rather acting responsibly and showing restraint in posting scans. And IMO those posts were more providing great free advertizing for the publication than undercutting their business. But hey, obviously they did not see it this way.

Anyway, with the photos visible to members only, hopefully this issue is over for good.
UK law on "fair dealing" is substantially different to US "fair use" law.

Also, aviation publishing is a very small market, and the internet is definitely causing problems for all the various specialist publishers. We have to be careful, or we may end contributing to the end of commercially produced specialist aviation books.
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