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6 September 2006
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I don't know if this is the right place to put this:

I have tried several times to post a 4 view of the General Motors XM1, in the right thread, and starting a new one. I always get the message:
Internal Server Error, this is an error with your script, check your error log for more information.
but I am sorry, I do not know what to do with it. What am I doing wrong?
Can you help, please, or tell me how to post the picture some other way?
No problems elsewhere, just this one pic. It's about 290 kb jpeg
My 'script' at the last was one or two words of introduction and the jpeg itself.
If the image is large, the current server won't upload it. Specifically, there is a RAM limit of about 4meg, and the script resizes uploaded images to make the thumbnails, so if the image decompresses to more than a certain size it runs out of RAM.

If you make sure the image is no larger than 1024 pixels in both dimensions it should be ok. If you can't do this then email it to me and I'll resize and post it.

This will be fixed with the server move next month.
I have problem with posting ANY image, no matter if it is 1020 x 1020 or 50 x 50 pixels in size. Is it only me or some of you guys have the same problem?
:'( Yes !
I don't know how to reduce the pixels size of my pictures
I have one of the latest Mac
May be someone could help ?
Could interest some others .
Everything OK today, seems that it was some problem in my computer.

richard: There are many ways how to resize them. I use graphic programs like Corel or Paint Shop Pro, but they are not ideal for beginner. Dont worry however, because almost every picture viewer(for example ACD See) has a function to resize them. Try to open image in your viewer and find menu like: "change image size" or "resize image" Usually you can directly type the size that you want (for example 800 x 600) or just select that you want to cut down the size in percentages. I dont use Mac so pometablava can tell you details.
Sure Matej, I have bee looking for solutions to richard's problem. ;)
Here we go:

1. Matej's suggestions are perfectly aplicable to the Mac. There are "for mac" versions of Corel (either the professional X3 or the SOHO Paint Shop Pro) and Adobe (Photoshop CS2 and Photosho Elements). ACD See has "for mac" version too.
You can use lots of cheaper or freeware photo editing applications if you don't have one of the above mentioned
for instance I recommend you that:


Seashore 0.1.8



2. If you can't afford this software or don't need a photoediting soft, there are cheaper and simpler solutions like this (only 11,99 $). It is excellent for our activities here in the forum:

3. You have even freeware solutions if you only want to resize pics. I have this on my mac:

4. Good news ;) still the easiest solution. If you have your pic in iPhoto you can export them resized and ready for posting. Just do that:

Select all the pix- go to File>Export and chose the size you want to save them as and where you want to put them

I hope this could help. If not and for any question about your mac please feel free to email me ;)

Enjoy your mac,

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