Annoying text editor behavior in some browsers (notably Opera)


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Jun 25, 2009
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Some of you may have noticed it, as it seems to appear regularly in various people's posts: bits of parasite code.

These usually come with widely spaced paragraphs, too.

Only after using the Opera browser did I understand. This forum's text editor behaves VERY badly when you use Opera, with various bugs as follows:

1°) Losing one's unfinished post in case of accidental page change/thumb closing. Under other browsers the text usually remains in the edit box after these bad moves, but never under Opera. Returning to the editor automatically resets it to zero and you lose all your text.

2°) Any copy-pasting automatically results in a switch to the Verdana font for the pasted text. This happens not just with text taken from elsewhere... it happens even if you cut part of what you've been typing to paste it elsewhere. It will not seem apparent until you switch to the code mode (last button on the right): every bit of text that was moved/pasted is now enclosed in markers. These bits of text will appear different once the message is posted.

3°) Any new paragraph results in a double paragraph jump in the code. Once again it will not seem apparent until you switch to the code mode: additional empty paragraphs have been added, and after posting they will show in your post.

4°) Any list creation automatically results in a "78% size / Verdana / blue font" reformating. Same as above, the problem is only visible in code mode. The problem is especially serious when you modify your list by adding or removing entries as the code adapts imperfectly to the changes, leaving incomplete , and markers that will appear as text once the message is posted.

After two months of getting extremely frustrated with this forum's editor, and having to systematically switch to code mode to clean up my messages before posting, I decided to no longer use Opera. I do not know if the problem could be easily addressed or not but my advice, as ever, is for everyone to tick the "Return to this topic" box right below your message so you can see how your post displays and edit it accordingly.

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