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Sep 9, 2008
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Hi friends,
in the last days I experienced some troubles with my Macs and I was also very busy with my job. Then I'm commenting Italian aerospace and military history magazines with a month delay...
From my... publishing network the issues were:
'Aerei nella Storia' N. 80: the main feature was a long article about the Israeli Independence War (it was a publisher's decision as it was a feature prepared for the 25th anniversay of Israel and then updated after another 25 years, but with some errors and lacking new information). One page is devoted to the Nemeth Roundwing we already debated in this forum. Also known to our bloggers were the Italian high altitude prototypes of an article devoted to the Italian altitude records. Interesting is a feature from my friend Giorgio Tanzi about the vertical landing technique devised for the Gotha Go 345 glider. Another page is devoted to the battlefield reconnaissance Ro.37 of the 39th Squadriglia with at least two less known colour pics (unfortunately printed in very small size).
My colleague Riccardo Nassigh devoted a book in the series I Libri di War Set to the main naval battles in the Mediterranean Sea ("Le Battaglie Navali Italiane").
Unusual is "Tank", what our French-speaking friends could name an "hors-série". The layout was set by the publisher as well as the choice of the subjects (personally I don't thing the Centurion could be considered a II WW tank), main merits of the volume are the large format and the fact that illustration is mainly in colour.
Last, in the series I Grandi Aerei Moderni there is a ttitle devoted to the F-104 Starfighter. In Italy this subject is not at all new but I choose a different look, devoting most of the text to the operations outside Italian Air Force. Any case, is not an easy task to say something new about a subject like the Starfighter.
See you


Excuse me for the abuse of the word 'devoted'

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