What-if artwork you would commission?

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27 September 2006
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There are three paintings/digital art I would commission if I had the money as well as any space to hang them.

The first is a Battle of Britain day airshow in 1975 at RAF Abingdon with an HS681 unloading Scorpion and Scimitar vehicles while two HS 1154s taxi on to the runway. Three TSR2s are in the sky doing a low flypast.

The second is CVA01 with the same airgroup as Ark Royal in the North Atlantic with a Type 82 as plane guard.

The third is a BOAC Boeing 2707-100 taxiing past Terminal 3 Oceanic Building at Heathrow with Concorde also in BOAC colours at one of the jet piers. A typical grey rainy day in London.

Once you have had a good laugh, groan or sigh, let's have some cheerful suggestions.

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