Farnborough 1974: The Brits as they should have been

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27 September 2006
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Something I knocked up on the What-if site, which might be a fun subject for some artwork or computer graphics:

Farnborough 1974

Raymond Baxter (who else) commentating for the BBC

" The high point of this year's Farnborough is the Royal Air Force's demonstration of its mobile forces.

Here come the TSR2s of 617 and 45 squadron in their new distinctive all over green and grey camouflage with wartime style red and blue markings.

The lead aircraft makes a low level pass over the airfield while others simulate strikes on the hangars and buildings.

As the TSR2s race back to their airfields at Coningsby and Honington, the first of the ground attack Harrier 1154s has appeared over the trees, joined by its stablemates from 1 Squadron at Wittering.

8 aircraft in all strafe the airfield with rockets and cannon (simulated of course!). Now the lead aircraft comes in for a vertical landing, followed by its squadronmates.

The roar in the distance comes from the HS681 Aldershot transports stationed at RAF Lyneham in Wiltshire. One after another they come in for a short landing and reverse to unload their load of Scorpion light tanks and infantry from 3 Division, the UK Strategic Reserve.

To show that the Royal Navy are part of Britain's mobile Fire Brigade a pair of BAC Cormorant fighters, just joining the Fleet Air Arm, are flying top cover.

Well, that is the shape of our air power. As Prime Minister Sir Alec Douglas Home told the UN last month, Britain stands ready to defends its friends and interests in a troubled world.
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On Royal Air Force Yearbook 1976 there is an article titled "Wings Clipped and Cancelled". It is made of four "what if RAF" descriptions named Scenario 1945, 1952, 1957 and 1964. The article is illustrated with two superb paintings:

a late 'fifties RAF base with Hawker P1081 and Saro SR177

Hawker P1121 and BAC TSR2 flying in low level formation, both in dark green/dark grey cammo

I can't post it because of copyright issues.

So why not anyone try with that Farnborough 1974...

BTW what's a BAC Cutlass?
Can't post the whole article, but here's low res copies of the two paintings:

Ok, I understand. Thanks Paul.
BAC Cutlass is the name given by one of the modelers on the Whatifmodelers site (brilliant stuff here) of his version of the BAC 583 vstol swing wing fighter proposed for the RN and RAF.

I would love to have a go at some graphics of my Farnborough ideas but my drawing is worse than my typing! Caught the German ILA show in Berlin doing a setpiece similar to the ones I remember from the 60s at RAF shows. Nice.

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