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27 September 2006
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Visitors to the Whatifmodelers site will be familiar with the saga of the RAF as it might have been with TSR2, HS 1154 and HS 681 in service.

Following the exhaustive coverage of the likely TSR 2 squadrons in Model Aircraft Monthly and articles on HS 1154 and HS 681 in Air Britain and Air Enthusiast/International (forget which), I am struck by how small the RAF would have become by 1975 when the types were planned to be in service. Even with maximum buys of 150 TSR2s and 150 1154s, plus about 50 681s, the front line force would have required considerably fewer bases than the RAF actually used in 1975 with its Hunter/Harrier/Phantom/Jaguar/Buccaneer/Vulcan force. RAFGermany would only have needed Wildenrath for its 2 1154 squadrons and Gutersloh for its 2 Lightning squadrons. No TSR2s would have been permanently based at Bruggen and Laarbruch. Bases in Cyprus and further afield would have seen units rotate from main bases in Britain.

This serves to put the high cost of the individual aircraft in some perspective, though whether fewer aircraft would in fact have been able to do the job of the wider range of aircraft. Eventually the RAF did end up with a mainly Tornado force with a mobile Harrier/Jaguar component, but only towards the end of the Cold War, a decade at least later than planned.

Hope this is of interest. Do go to Whatifmodelers to see what the RAF in 1975 would have been flying.

UK 75

Don't forget at the Time the FAA would have had at least two CVA-01 with their squadrons of Phantoms & Buccaneers so overall aircraft numver would probably have been higher. I expect some of the 150 Phantoms would have gone over to the RAF to act as Javelin replacements for the all weather interceptor role.

I was going to ask how many TSR2's were planned - just as well I did a search first.
Hmmmm.....from my poor memory.

P1154 was 155 single seaters, 25 twin seaters for the RAF so thats a 180.

TSR.2 depends on the date, 150 seems 'roughly' the right number.

F4-K was 120 for the RN.

Not really sure about HS681 numbers.
Between what dates was it hoped the production run of the 150 aircraft would run?

I ask because we are having a little argument here.

a minute's silence gentlemen ... here's an obituary

Thanks a lot for that video. What a beautiful bird :eek:
man it saddens me just to look at that video .... that awesome ground clearance and unbelievable suspension show that this bird would have remained viable even today ..... may be carrying a couple of brahmos ;D
may be carrying a couple of brahmos

Sure, India has the Jag. I'm not sure if UK would have cleared such a powerful aircraft for export, but India would have been a probable customer.

That's a great idea for our friends at whatifmodelers ;)
imagine man ... no long drawn out issues about strengthening the MKI's wings etc ... a ready to wire superlative strike aircraft ... about the transfer part ... I think as of today the Brits would have been more than willing to sell a few to us :D
avatar said:
man it saddens me just to look at that video .... that awesome ground clearance and unbelievable suspension show that this bird would have remained viable even today ..... may be carrying a couple of brahmos ;D

idd, great music too. It was very graceful in flight too.
yeah some say that this aircraft had a single role .... but its flight handling characteristics reveal that a block # with digital FBW may have seen this aircraft perform a variety (except dogfighting).... in fact perhaps even the role of a missileer
I bet it would have rocked with a Stormshadow or three, or in the naval strike role.

Oh, well, it's been lamented over and over again, and every generation spawn new fans lamenting the demise of so much beauty and promise. This plane will have a lot of fans for a loooong time.
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