Werner von Braun's "Marsprojekt" ("Exploration Of Mars")

that one of version of Werner Von Braun
"Marsprojeckt" from 1950s
Oh my...
It's hard to Google 'Exploration Of Mars' and von Braun, of course


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Thank you my dears Michel and Flateric.
Huh. This was real easy to find a few years ago, but it took a little digging to find the whole report this evening.

PROJECT MARS is basically the English translation of DasMarsProjekt (I think it was slightly refined from the 1948 paper)) (281 pages)

A short overview of Von Braun's 1952 report linked above which is just a slight update of his 1948 proposal

A short overview of the 1956 proposal which is a refined version same basic system but with only two ships for austerity reasons.

There is also an article buried in the Sept/October AIAA Horizons Newsletter that reprints the Colliers article on Mars which is based on Von Braun's 1948/52 mars proposal. Less technical, but lots of gorgeous arty by Chesley Bonestell, Fred Freeman and Rolf Klep.

Is this what you were looking for?
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Started in 1948. Clearly this was not a case of Von Braun having time on his hands to make mostly accurate calculations. Aside from one British report giving information about German ICBMs built during the war and published information about the Saenger Orbital Bomber, this reveals a part of history yet to be fully declassified. And it is also valid for any plans to colonize Mars today.

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