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26 May 2006
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from Flightglobal,the BAC designed a concept for orbiter stage of
a reusable space shuttle.
And I can't ignore the upper sight for space tug artist picture.


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that Space Tug from NASA
but i dont know from Marshall center or Johnson center ...

for BAC Shuttle
wat for First Stage is used for that opperstage ?
Michel Van said:
for BAC Shuttle
wat for First Stage is used for that opperstage ?

It really looks like the early X33 VentureStar proposal....
As well as Star Clipper, FDL-8X etc.
This thing really has a sci-fi look. It remind 2001 pods used by Bowman and Poole...
I presume they have a full-size toilet and a lounge there=)

I know the space tug was from NASA,I just mentioned it as it was
in the same page only.
In Volume 59 Supplement 2, 2006 of BIS’s Space Chronicles – UK Spaceplanes, there is mention on Page 107 of a R. H Francis from Hawker Siddeley presenting a paper ‘believed to be in Virginia around the late 1960’s, where he showed a configuration identical to that of the US Space Shuttle, i.e., a winged, returnable Orbiter, two solid parachute recoverable SRBs and the expendable fuel tank.’
I mentioned in this post about a vaguely-remembered Rockwell/BAC Phase B Space Shuttle Booster.,1928.msg32701.html#msg32701

The Flight archives contain reports on Hawker-Siddeley engineers teaming with McDonnell Douglas and BAC engineers teaming with Rockwell on the Phase B stage of the shuttle

It all came to nothing due to lack of government support:



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