VTOL On Demand Mobility

He would better do cover art for modern mechanics...

Reminds me somwhat to Luigi Colani, but I have to say Colani design at least looked much better...
Ah it’s by Oscar Vinels;- the same genus that brought us the nuclear powered flying hotel aka the Sky Whale.

Utterly clueless about practical aero design and engineering but employing a world class marketing department…
De design brief is obviously: draw me something futuristic that will attract media attention and hopefully catch the eye of potential investors.
More significant IMOHO:

H2 fuel cells powered long range flight


Discussions for Opening of Joby dedicated flight school:

If approved, Joby Aviation College would occupy 6,709 square feet of office, hangar and storage space at $5,416 per month, and another 3,840 square feet of dedicated ramp space for approximately $385, according to the City of Watsonville. The rent will adjust each year in July in accordance with the consumer price index.

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Almost 5 hours of endurance is impressive! However, I think a large fraction of cabin space is used for the hydrogen pressure vessels and associated equipment. The pod mounted under the fuselage appears to contain the fuel cell only.


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You are right but it doesn´t matter much as the vehicle isn´t optimized for this propulsion and the range is way beyond their targeted claim.


Notice the drain pipe size and location that I pointed as a give-away detail for the presence of a fuel cell on the XRQ-73
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