VTOL On Demand Mobility

Meanwhile at Paris 2024 Olympic games... https://www.lesechos.fr/industrie-s...pendant-les-jeux-de-paris-2024-a-vide-2078405

Long story short: yeah sure, you will see them fly. But with no passengers, because no EASA certification in time.

“Instead, I expect Volocopter to fly under a nationally issued Permit to Fly from the French DGAC [Directorate General for Civil Aviation] on pre-defined and highly controlled routes, with pre-selected non-paying passengers” such as “celebrities, athletes, and probably journalists,” the person added.

On the bright side, it'll save them the embarrassment of Paralympians looking for a ride and realising the thing's not wheelchair accessible.
Omg, I think this is the most inefficient airframe one can come up with to carry 3 passengers. Design by committee?

Looks like someone had a secret love affair with Clement Ader.
Just call it Eole II and roll it directly into an Aviation museum, skipping the test flight.
Omg, I think this is the most inefficient airframe one can come up with to carry 3 passengers. Design by committee?
https://verticalmag.com/news/airbus-unveils-cityairbus-nextgen-prototype-ahead-of-test-campaign/View attachment 721870
"...CityAirbus NextGen has a wing span of about 40 feet (12 meters) and is powered by eight propellers and 16 electrical power units, with dual systems for redundancy. When in operation, it will carry one pilot with three passengers in a banked seat at the rear of the cabin. Airbus is developing the aircraft to fly with a range of 50 miles (80 kilometers) and reach a cruise speed of 75 mph (120 km/h)..."
There are certain designs that make me think, 'Now someone thinks this is a good idea... why?' That's actually a serious thought and I'm genuinely bemused. Someone actually ran numbers on this and got results that satisfied them.

A little less seriously, this is perhaps a convincing argument why committees should meet in person instead of just sending emails. (Didn't open the attachment? No excuse.)

Maybe I'll go back to figuring out how sandworms could live. That'll be easier.

"The lift-plus-cruise configuration favors efficiency, simplicity, and passenger comfort"

"This avoids changing the position of components during flight, resulting in fewer moving parts, optimized structures and systems, the potential for less maintenance and a lower cost of operation for the aircraft."

This is an interesting point. The complex tiltrotor mechanism Joby designed could become a maintenance headache down the line, contributing to higher operating costs. But I guess until both aircraft enter service we won't really know which design is superior.

This is a close up shot of the Joby tiltrotor:


"Because eVTOL batteries will be subject to “very harsh conditions,” he explained, they may be prone to premature and unforeseen damage and corrosion."

It also appears that they will start commercial services in Dubai before the U.S. I'm guessing they anticipate some potential delays regarding FAA certification as well as the need to start generating some badly needed revenue.
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As it happens I just concluded a deep dive into the wonderful world of eVTOL.

I once attended an all-male coven, and I emerged quite convinced that never in my life would I see a bigger load of warlocks.

I was wrong.
And they're all going to be multibillion dollar companies. Or so they say.
Considering the Cambrian explosion going on, this this pertinent. It's about the similar proliferation of AI startups but the author describes principles he thinks are universal.

In short, the AI craze is a bubble and it has 5 stages: Displacement (gosh, wow!), boom (what have we got? Get it to market, I don't care if it works!), euphoria (it's the biggest thing since fried Elvis! Dive down the back of the sofa, we're going to invest every penny!), profit taking (burning money and not much real profit... time to get out, methinks), and then panic (Oh shit, why did't I sell the stock last week?).

I'm not sure I agree. Everyone likes to think there's a formula for business or that history is in some way deterministic (google 'cliodynamics'). There was the dotcom bubble that burst but now there's Amazon.

Gartner Hype Cycle - with eVTOLs we are right now at the Trough of Disillusionsment. We got the negative press of Joby crashing, we got the addtional money necessary, apparently already to given to Volocopter directly by the state and there hasnt been any adoption yet at all.
Early peak of inflated expectations was rougly in 2018 with Uber making it known to everyone.

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_C8lkMRaYQA&ab_channel=FUTURENEVADA

This project is interesting because they are using Safran electric engines rather than obtaining a cheaper domestic alternative, like so many other Chinese eVTOL developers have done.


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