Volare (Italian monthly) december issue


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Jun 14, 2006
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Volare is a monthly normally focused on tourism, biz and sport aviation, with occasional looks at civil aviation and military. Once in a time, it publish historical articles (normaly written by my friend Giorgio Apostolo). The december 2009 issue is unusual in hosting an interview with Count Gianni Caproni talking about some unfulfilled dreams of his father, the founder of Caproni Group. Of interest, besides already seen and heard of projects (some mythical, like the infamous Re-2007, than the Count describes as "someone says"..., reader of the forum know the story) are two things: first, a beautiful photo of the Ca-204 tunnel model (Ca-204 was the submission of Caproni Taliedo in the Long Range Bomber competition of 1938-39, won ultimately by the P-108). While the Ca-204 is well known, the model depicts the version with Zeta engines, with the distint four-intakes nacelles for cooling air. Second is the full 3-view drawing of Ca-197 with Jumo 004s, published in Aerofan n.100 only in a front view. The Count says that the Ca-197 is dated from 1950 but probably conceived before. He seems to imply it was a wartime project (giving a pssible alternative to the Re-2007 legend as explained usually, on Longhi fabrications, an adaptation of the Re-2006 fuselage), but I beg to differ. The Ca-197 is a work of Ing. Porro, Chief Designer of Caproni-Taliedo in 1940-1950, while the Re-2007 was, in the word of Longhi, strictly a Reggiane project. I agree that the Ca-197 was conceived earlier than 1950, but not much earlier, I propose 1948, right when Longi says the other mythical Re-2008 was designed (by himself, naturally). 1948-1950 was a period of numerous Italian jet fighters and/or trainers, Caproni itself had other two, Ca-195 and 196. And then there are the mysterious Ca-199s on late 1950.... on which, a separate post.
End of rant. Go and by Volare.