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8 August 2011
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The Wellesley is in interresting aeroplane with a good service history.
I have two books, profile and warpaint, and some magazines.
But I am missing some details/information and hope that some can help me?
1. The prototype type 281, I am looking for a three view drawing;
2 Detail dimensions, such as; wing chords, track, span tail etc.;
3. Studying the pictures, I think that they build not one but more aeroplane with the extended cockpit canopy. Who knows how many and c/n and or serials;
4. Concerning the bomb containers/panniers:
a. in Warpaint on page 39 pictures 5 and 6 they show the original ones;
b. pictures 7 and 8 the modified ones;
c. are there any drawings with dimensions and how they were constructed;
d. enclosed a few pictures of the aeroplane in Australia and they mentioned with panniers. Where they used for the trip, with fuel?
Who can tell me more about the use of these panniers and also drawings/dimensions/construction?
A lot of questions, so each small detail is welcome


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Unless you planning to design an upgrade to this beast, you are in the wrong section. You should move it to the "Aviation and Space" section.
No 3-view of the Type 281, just a 281 side view, a 3-view of the Wellesley I and some photos.
Images and data from World War 2 Fact Files - RAF Bombers Part 2 by William Green and Gordon Swanborough, Jane's 1981.
Dimensions for Wellesley I:
Span - 74 ft 7 in ( 22,74 m )
Length - 39 ft 3 in ( 11,96 m )
Height - 15 ft 3½ in ( 4,67 m )
Wing area - 586 sq ft ( 54,4 m² )
Undercarriage track - 17 ft 0 in ( 5,18 m )
Dihedral - 2 deg 31 min
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