Unusual "Bat Plane" Landing Lights

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18 November 2009
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Normally, landing lights are located either on the landing gear strut or slung under the wings close to the fuselage. Logo light on vertical stabilizer seems a bit low and not illuminating the stabilizer surface. Interior cabin lights are seen to extend quite far forward. Some odd lights located mid-fuselage. Assuredly landing lights are not normally located on wing-tips as this would interfere with red/green nav lights. We don't see any collision-avoidance strobes. Could this be a military aircraft. It doesn't strike me as a hoax. Strange bird - IMO.


Good Call Machdiamond !! I'll buy that!

Images of McDonnell Douglas MD-82 (DC-9-82) -- I think it fair to suggest: another bat-case solved! Gear is up and hence no nose-light .. wingtip landing lights appear to be of greater output than in images - but bear in mind video was shot in Nite-SHOT mode i.e. significant light amplification. Thanks MachD .. good call. :)




thanks to Airliner.net for their photo's (as cropped and enhanced slightly)
Definitely an MD-80 series aircraft, American Airlines has the world's largest fleet of them and they're a dime a dozen in the skies here over Dallas/Fort Worth. The landing lights are in the wingtips, there are two wing leading edge illumination lights on each side of the forward fuselage and a third light on the side of the fuselage aft of the wing that illuminates the engine intakes.
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