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25 September 2009
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Can anyone here ID this small Chinese jet?

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Well, what does everyone think of Xian's H-8 concept?

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CGI or funny small sized model. If you compare the distance between the cars and use it to compute/guess the size of the craft, the conclusion is that it is smaller than any real aircraft. Note that the canopy and radome is highly likely from F-16 so my guess is what-if plastic model added to the real photo background with the added shadow.
Thank you Vulture, you are now banned for a week.

If you wish to post again please try to stop posting crap.

I highly recommend that you go post this on AboveTopSecret.com, if you're already not a member. Your type of posts are exactly the kind of drivel we seek to avoid here at Secret Projects. However ATS is a free-for-all and I'm sure that the UFO and conspiracy lunatics will gladly eat up your posts as confirmed fact.

But kindly keep your trash off of here or just don't post at all. Thank you.
Kneejerk stuff, the flying wing vulture posted is from the exhibition celebrating 100 Years of Chinese Aviation currently on in Beijing. It may or may not be a current project, but it is certainly not fanboy rubbish.
OK, the wing model may be an actual concept displayed at a Chinese flight expo. But how do you account for the CG fighter? The original poster still does not show so much as a link or reference to where he got his info. Forum rules, bud.

Secondly, the original poster has already caused a couple of ruckuses on here. So there's that to consider as well.
The poster posted it as Xian's H-8. There is absolutely no evidence for this. The fighter is clearly fanart.

I have absolutely no issue with someone posting "Here's some interesting models from an Exhibition in Beijing". Randomly posting images without their sources, without corroborating evidence, with claims to be "Shenyang's new fighter" or "Xian's H-8", is just plain stupid, regardless of whether the actual images may be of interest. Vulture's previous posts have included dozens of images completely misinterpreted, so everyone is justifiably sceptical.

If Vulture can learn to put SOURCES in his posts and stop leaping to concusions, we will stop "kneejerk" reactions.
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