Unbuilt Lockheed Projects Of The '30s



Vega seaplane that eventually formed the basis of the low-wing Lockheed 'star' series.

Naval 'Lightning', proposed spring of 1937, 54' span, length of 34'6", powered by Pratt & Whitney R-1535 14-cylinder radials. The R-1535's greatest claim to fame was powering Howard Hughes H1 racer.

Canard airliner.


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I wonder how that navalized Lightning would do with R2800s instead of R1535s?
I'm left wondering how it'll manage to land on a carrier without an arrestor hook.
For those interested in "hooked Lightnings" (of the Lockheed type), the Warbird Tech book on the P-38 has some excellent three-views of different configurations proposed, both air-cooled and liquid-cooled.
Hi joncarrfarrelly!

Drawings of Lockheed Model 24, Lockheed Model 27 and Vega Seaplane

source---? ( or Lockheed Aircraft Since 1913 ???)
Hi flateric!

Thank you very much.

what still projects are shown in pages: 482-494 (Selected Projects)
Nugo, 90% of your posts are "please show me that and that". Does it mean that everyone should run and scan the books for you? I don't think so. Please read the forum rules. You can quite easily obtain copy of Francillion's book for own use to get the full info.

Thank you.
Would the swept wing have improved on the low Vne/Mach compressibility limit of the P-38?

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