U.S Army 8x8 Lightweight 105mm & 155mm SPH program of the 1980's??


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May 22, 2006
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G'day again gents

I am currently scanning through my long packed away copies of Military Technology magazines!
For years now I have been want to inquire into a project that I viewed in MilTech Vol XI, Issue 6, 1987!
It has to do with a U.S Army program to remedy the lack of both AFV's and Self-propelled artillery to provide fire support to the likes of Light Divisions.
The U.S Army's Army Development and Employment Agency (ADEA) in conjunction with a company called Standard Manufacturing Co. worked on a concept of wheeled SP system mounting a 'back-packed' 105mm or 155mm howitzer.
Standard Manufacturing Co. was to develop its 8x8 Medium Combat Truck (MCT)for a functional prototype mounting a standard M102 105mm howitzer (with firing trials in October 1987 at Ft Lewis - 15-rounds with zone 5 charges)
Phase 1. Called for the adaption of the M119 105mm (British 105mm Light Gun).
Total weight of system to allow for transport by CH-47's
Phase 2.. Complete integration of M119 with vehicle FY 1988-89.
Phase 3. Planned FY 1990 - intergration of 'ultra-light' 155mm howitzer, with design weight is currently not to exceed 4,082 kg. Under development by BMY and FMC.

More to follow!!

Does anyone know what came of this program?
How far did the trials get?
Was prototype actually built and trialled?
Any actual pictures of trials??



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