Turkish Missile Projects

The General Manager of Military Factories Imdat Ersoy and the accompanying delegation visited our Eskişehir Campus. They received information from Mahmut F. Akşit about our projects and discussed potential collaborations.

TEI-TJ300 Medium Range Anti-Ship Missile Engine in test cell

TEI-TJ300 is the first engine in the world to produce power in the specified thrust class within a limited diameter of 240 mm, for adaptation to missile systems. The strictly constrained engine size allows its prospective missile systems to fit into multiple platforms. The TEI-TJ300 engine is capable of operating at high speeds of up to 90% speed of sound at an altitude of 5000 ft. The engine also has the capability to start by windmilling without the need for any starter systems (e.g starter motor), which enables the platform to be applicable to air, marine and land based defense systems.

Technical Specifications​

  • Maximum Thrust (N)/(lbf) : 1300/300
  • Specific Fuel Consumption (g/kN.s) : 37.4 (SLS ISA0, excluding lubrication requirement)
  • Dry Weight (kg)/(lb) : 34/74.9
  • Length (mm)/(in) : 450/17.7
  • Diameter (mm)/(in) : 240/9.5
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Testing has commenced with live Bozdoğan (Merlin) WVR air to air missile. Also, you can see Gökdoğan (Peregrine) BVR missile on the wing tip pylons.
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Turkey's indigenous BOZDOGAN Within Visual Range (WVR) Air-to-Air Missile Successfully Hit the Target in the Its First Aircraft Launched Test Firing

Weight: 140kg (308 pounds)
Length: 3.3 meters (10feet 8inches)
Diameter: 160mm (6.3inch)
Speed: 4+ mach
Seeker Range: 25km

View: https://twitter.com/defencehublive/status/1382247828559437825?s=20
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Turkey’s 1st local medium-range missile engine breaks world record, with an outer diameter of 240mm TEI-TJ300 produced 1,342N of thrust - TEI aiming to further increase performance to 1,400N of thrust.

TEI-TJ300 is being developed for Turkey's Medium Range Anti-Ship Missile, which will eventually phase out Penguin missiles.
Development roadmap for the following technologies have been confirmed to be continuing at Turkey's Scientific Institute of research 'SAGE'
  • DACS thrusters (Divert Attitude Control System)
  • Soft Launch
  • Cold Launch
  • Lateral thrust engines for missiles
  • Liquid RAMJET engines
  • SCRAMJET engines
  • EDAS (extensible launching system equivalent)
  • MIDAS (MK41 equivalent)
KUZGUN Modern Modular Joint Attack Missile

Platforms; F-16, Hurjet, Hurkus, TFX and UCAVs
Weight; <100kg
Propulsion Configurations; TJM (Turbojet engine) and SS (Free-Fall Glide)
Range; 135nm (250km) for TJM Variant and 60nm (110km) for SS Variant
Warhead Configurations; Pre-Fragmentated, Penetrating, Thermobaric or General High Explosive Variants
Guidance Configurations; INS (Inertial Navigation) GNS (Global Navigations System) SAL (Semi-Active Laser) IIR/CCD (Thermal/Day Camera) MMW Radar and Data-Link

Live firing tests to start this year.
SOM Cruise Missile has been in TurAF service since 2011. The development and qualification of other SOM variants, SOM-C1/C2 with Anti-Ship and Datalink capability are continuing.


SOM-A Missile

• Missile Weight ~ 1350 lb. (620 kg)
• High Explosive Blast-Fragmentation Warhead
• Global Positioning System (GPS)
• Inertial Navigation System (INS)
• Terrain Referenced Navigation (TRN)

SOM-B1 Missile

SOM-B1 is designed against soft targets similar to SOM-A. In addition, it has Imaging Infra-Red (IIR) seeker.

• Missile Weight ~ 1350 lb. (620 kg)
• High Explosive Blast-Fragmentation Warhead
• Global Positioning System (GPS)
• Inertial Navigation System (INS)
• Terrain Referenced Navigation (TRN)
• Imaging Infra-Red (IIR) Seeker
• Automatic Target Acquisition (ATA)

SOM-B2 Missile

SOM-B2 is designed against hard targets. It has a Dual Stage Tandem Penetrating Warhead.

• Missile Weight ~1450 lb. (660 kg)
• Dual Stage Tandem Penetrating Warhead
• Global Positioning System (GPS)
• Inertial Navigation System (INS)
• Terrain Referenced Navigation (TRN)
• Imaging Infra-Red (IIR) Seeker
• Automatic Target Acquisition (ATA)

SOM-J Missile

SOM-J is the variant of the SOM Missile System Family specially designed for F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) internal/external carriage and used against highly defended, anti-access and high value stationary ground and moving maritime targets.

• Missile Weight ~1100 lb. (500 kg)
• Semi-Armor Piercing Warhead
• Global Positioning System (GPS)
• Inertial Navigation System (INS)
• Terrain Referenced Navigation (TRN)
• Imaging Infra-Red (IIR) Seeker
• Automatic Target Acquisition (ATA)
• Network Enabled Weapon (NEW) Capability
• Universal Armament Interface (UAI) Compatibility
• Off-Board, On-Board and In-Flight Mission Planning Capability
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Director of TUBITAK SAGE Government based Missile R&D Centre.

- Ramjet and Scramjet programs all are a part of current Turkish missile programs. They are not tech demonstrations.
- Tozkoparan is an cost-effective air defence missile program that is being developed as a part of Turkish layered air defence concept.
- Gökdoğan BVR Air-to-Air Missile missile will exceed 100+km range from current 65km range.
- G-40 VLS launched missile can be QUADPACKED. it has cold launch and thrust diverting system which will significantly increase range by turning missile towards its target and saves 0.5-1 seconds of engine burn.

Full range of guidance kits for Turkish guided bombs

SAL Aselsan LGK series (Mk82-Mk84)
INS/GPS Tubitak SAGE HGK series (Mk82-Mk83-Mk84)
INS/GPS+SAL Tubitak SAGE LHGK series (Mk84, Mk83 version will probably follow )
INS/GPS+SAL Roketsan TEBER series (Mk81, Mk82)
INS/GPS+Wing kit Tubitak SAGE KGK series (Mk82-Mk83, development for Mk84 is going on)
INS/GPS+SAL+Wing kit Tubitak SAGE LKGK series (Development work is going on I expect eventually it will be available for the whole range of Mk82/83/84)
INS/GPS+IIR+Wing kit+Turbojet engine or solid rocket booster Tubitak SAGE KGK-LR(development is going on)
INS/GPS+IIR/TV Roketsan Laçin series (Mk82)
INS/GPS small diameter bomb Aselsan Minyatür Bomba (Mk-81 with bunker-buster capability, I expect laser guidance to be added after the development of the base version)

Warhead choices for MK series bombs

SERT82 ( Bunker buster warhead for Mk82)
SARB83 ( Bunker buster warhead for Mk83, tandem warhead)
NEB ( Bunker buster warhead for Mk84, tandem warhead)
Tendürek MK82-T ( Thermobaric warhead for Mk82, development for Mk83, Mk84, SOM, SARB83, and NEB is going on)

UAV bombs are also offered with thermobaric warheads as an option.
21-cell Levent Rolling Airframe Missile system for Naval Point Defence is in development. The point defence missiles will be based on the SUNGUR and will have different variants and engagement ranges that the operator can select from. There will also be a standalone variant similar to SeaRAM.

Will further update this post when more information is available.

MKE of Turkey is developing CIWS which is almost identical to Phalanx CIWS. Sea and Land-based versions for point defence will be developed. This variant is fitted with E/O targeting system, AESA multi-function radar is in the works to provide search, tracking and targeting.

Turkey's Vertical Launch System developed by Roketsan is continuing in line with the construction of the Istanbul Class Frigate.

These developments began in akin to US weapons embargo of MK-41 VLS, RIM-116 Rolling Airframe Missile and Phalanx CIWS

HISAR O+ medium-altitude Anti-Air Missile is in serial production
This is an IIR seeker missile, the cone separates as the missile gets closer to the target.

An Active R/F seeker variant is currently in development
HISAR-RF-Baslik-min.jpg images.jpg
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TRLG-122 and TRLG-230 artillery rockets are currently being developed into air-launched super-sonic missiles with a semi-active laser seeker, a usage concept similar to the IAI Rampage missile.

Roketsan's AKYA heavyweight Torpedo will enter service towards the end of this year. Stated to have 50+km max range and a 45+ knot max speed.
ATMACA Surface to Surface Cruise Missile is in development.
View attachment 662671
View attachment 662672

Signing ceremony for Land Attack Version of Atmaca Cruise Missile. This means it's actually happening, Turkish land forces will get precision strike capability out to 280km.
E9D6P1uX0AAgq_P (1).jpg

- 6 meters in length
- 890kg weight
- 280km range
- 250kg warhead
- Autonomous
- 3-dimensional mission plan/navigation

250 missiles will be delivered this year, some to be integrated on vehicular launchers and some as MANPADs.

2 x Sungur launcher for Fixed and Rotary wing aircraft
Turkey's Long Range Air Defence Missile - SIPER. Development is expected to be completed by end of 2022.

Turkey wants to develop multiple layers of Air-Defence Missiles.

-SUNGUR - VSHORAD - Completed Development
-HISAR-A - Short Range AIr-Defence - Completed Development
-HISAR-O - Medium-Range Air-Defence Missile - Completed Development
- SIPER - Long Range Air-Defence Missile - In Development, to be completed by end of 2022
- Not Named - But likely developed to intercept short and intermediate-range ballistic missiles - In Development
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Look at em go, I will probably go fan boy their military equipment next, can't wait for the tai tfx as well.


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HISAR Air Defence Missile System will be capable of launching 3 types of missile loads;
*Hisar-A+ (Short-Range) image infrared (IIR) seeker-head missile
*Hisar-O+ (Medium-Range) image infrared (IIR) seeker-head missile
*Hisar-O+ (Medium-Range) active radar (RF) seeker-head missile

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