The Boeing 717 Designation


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26 May 2006
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in Flightglobal site;they displayed this Boeing 717-100 and Boeing 717-200,
and they meant Model-727,or Model-717 was right ?.


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The former MD-80 series has been redesignated as Boeing 717 for a few years now.

This goes against the fact that 717 already designated the C-135 tanker versions!
Artist's impression of the unbuilt Boeing 717-300X aka 717 Stretch.



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Artist's impression of Boeing 717 found on eBay.



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I have always been told that the Boeing 717 was the KC-135/C-135.
Has anybody any suggestions as to the link of these two.
717 was the model number for the KC-135 until Boeing bought McDonnell Douglas and changed the jetliner MD-95 designation to 717. -SP
Among other differences, the C-135 had a narrower fuselage cross-section. The 707 was originally intended to use the C-135 fuselage tooling, but it was changed to 148 (?) inch cross-section to enable 6-abreast seating to match the DC-8.
I guess the 717 was to be a civil KC-135 (unless it's the other way round).

Apart from the windows and refueling equipment, the only real physical difference between the two types is the fuselage section: a 717 is all round, while the 707 looks a bit like an upside down "8".
Thanks for the information, George. I was confused about the differences between the Boeing 707 and the Boeing 717/KC-135. What was the cabin configuration for the civilian Boeing 717? Five-abreast seating? Didn't the KC-135 come first, then the civilian Boeing 707 and the Boeing 717 were derived from this project?
Actually the 367-80 came first, which begat a combined military-civil program yielding the C-135, and the civilian plane was modified in the design stage somewhat to yield the 707. I don't know that there was ever a true "717" civil project*. The shorter-range 707 supposedly was designated as the 707-020, and ultimately sold as the 720.

* Ignoring the MD-95 re-designation 40 years later.
George Allegrezza said:
I don't know that there was ever a true "717" civil project*.
* Ignoring the MD-95 re-designation 40 years later.

I didn't either until today, but I think the picture in the first post makes it pretty clear that it was considered and even advertised at some point by Boeing!
Ah. I meant in reference to the C-135 5-across model, which was reconfigured in the design stage into the 707. The eBay pic depicts the 720, which today we have learned it was originally marketed as 717, but would have had the 707 cross-section, not the C-135 one. And a quick check of the always-authoritative Wikipedia says the 720 model number might have been originally 717-020. I give up. ???
I read a story on the Internet that the original designation of the Boeing 707 was 700, as approved by the Board of Directors, and then the 7 was added for luck. The 700 series designations to be used for civilian airliners. Is there any truth to this story?

If it is true, what number will Boeing use after 797? Will it start over with 707?
Donald, I once read that story about the "Boeing 700" too... but in my list the Model 700 was a series of bomber/recon parasites (700-1 to -3) so I guess it must be some kind of urban legend (should be "tarmac legend" I guess... ;D ).

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