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Re: Strange Boeing 747 project

What do you mean two engines? The side profile of the 747 clearly shows the standard four engines. The top view profile looks like a completely different aircraft - I would guess an early 777 concept, since the 777 and 747 are actually very close in size.
Re: Strange Boeing 747 project

I think that this two aircrafts are not in scale. Considering the cockpit glass, I assume that the top view represents something B737 sized.
Re: Strange Boeing 747 project

That's likely true as well. I'd probably guess this was the 737 NG and some 744 update.
Page 36 of this Flight issue shows the topview of a Boeing 747, page 37 the side view of a 747 and the top view of,
as supposed, a 737. My guess would be, that the drawings just got mixed up, an error probably excusable even for
a magazine like Flight. ;)
And the theme definitely wasn't a new version of the 747 either, but the use of external cameras on airliners, as clearly
stated by the article, so this thread was moved to this section here.
That's a mistake from them of course.

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