TAI TF-X / Milli Muharip Uçak MMU Kaan

Considering that this aircraft will use U.S. engines for the foreseeable future, any attempt to sell this aircraft to a Middle Eastern nation would likely be vetoed by the U.S. due to intense Israel pressure on the grounds that the introduction of such an aircraft would erode their quantitative edge.
Looks pretty conformal to me

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The foreigners have been made to eat enough dirt with the whole range of programs. Is there any specific reason to link something from 2021 which probably states conformal antennas could not be made in Turkey?
This is the subject of Kızılelma unmanned warplane. Not Kaan's plane.
Well in that case, here's the full quote

Just for instance, I don't think Turkey has the capability to develop a full CNI capable SDR with a conformal antenna, let alone just a conformal antenna itself.

It's suitable for this thread as well as the Turkish UAV thread.
In the interests of providing a proper working environment it was stated the jet is not in competition with anything for export sales.

While it is simply an effort for domestic consumption as tomorrow will be the 50th Anniversary of the Peace Operation and a talking point, including the consequences like the arms embargo, followed by political polemic l will also not hesitate to say the current form is being further optimised for scenarios where it will effectively engage F-22/35.

No need to brag, better work.
Karat IRST is still in development. They've just moved the thermal and day navigation cameras to the nose. Though it would be nice to see IRST on Kizilelma at some point in its development.
Yeah and the IRST (on Kizilelma) would require a bigger/wider window anyway.

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