Interesting. Makes you wish the MAKO had been built... (preferably with EJ200)

Range could turn out to be a decider here. The C-101 had an unusual requirement to reach the Canary Islands from the mainland without tanker support. Spain has since acquired greater refueling capacity (3x MRTT plus A400M instead of 2x707), but the ability might still count as a favourable factor. On that basis, the M-346 and T-7 could possibly have an edge over the other two (highest fuel fractions). Not sure the T-50 even has an operational refueling capability, although development of a probe/drogue installation has been contracted.
Intriguingly, Hurjet has more range than the T-50 which shares similar specs. This design choice results in less payload though.

Screenshot 2024-05-23 185857.png Screenshot 2024-05-23 190051.png
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Well, what an interesting news. No need to have expectations, but it's still interesting. Egypt had previously shown interest in local production of KAI's T-50
HÜRJET changed its route to its first international flight:
• HÜRJET will participate in the Egypt International Airshow on 3-5 September and will showcase its skills with a flight show.
• Egypt is interested in HÜRJET. At the airshow, meetings will be held with regional countries, especially Egypt, regarding HÜRJET and other TAI products.
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Now I do find this unlikely...

(The same companies have previously teamed up in the T-X competition though)

The U.S. Navy is pushing back the potential contract award for a new trainer by two years as it still tries to determine whether the T-45 Goshawk replacement would need to practice carrier landings.

The service released another request for information (RFI) for the Undergraduate Jet Training System on June 26, saying the service is now looking at a potential solicitation in the third quarter of fiscal 2026 and a contract award in the second quarter of fiscal 2028. A previous RFI said a contract award was targeted for 2026.
Another possible competitor could be Sierra Nevada Corp., which has teased a U.S. Navy trainer-painted rendering of its Freedom. SNC teamed with Turkish Aerospace Industries to offer the aircraft, a modified version of the TAI Hurjet.
SNC and TAI were at each other's throats after the T-X competition. If they teamed up again, that would be a legit "miracle."
SNC and TAI were at each other's throats after the T-X competition. If they teamed up again, that would be a legit "miracle."
:O I haven't heard about this before but it also seems likely. Could you provide a source?

Turkish Aerospace, TUSAŞ Engine Industries and GE Aerospace Sign MOU to Extend Collaboration on HÜRJET Advanced Training Jet Program​


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