Super Hercules

Goodness... they kept on trying to do that, and never quite made it. Even the C-130J is not that big of a step forward.
Just thinking: The Hercules has been around as the default medium military transport of the free world for about 50 years now. I imagine that because of this, a lot of military equipment, containers, and "stuff" was designed with Hercules compatibility in mind. Could that be why no one is really interested in a step forward, in that everything they would carry on such a transport is Hercules compatible so they don't need anything much better?

Kim Margosein
That was the case for a long time. However, the pressure for better protection and mobility has driven the size of vehicles upwards.
Early 60's Interavia...


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Slightly better 3-views. BTW, this "Super Hercules" was just one of the various proposals with that name. The C-141 was originally "Super Hercules", too. Moreover, later, when the Allison T-61 engines were put on hold, Lockheed redesinged the GL-207-23 with Tyne engines (as the Britannic). Dash number of the new version, unknown.


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I have always said that if Lockheed (Lockheed Martin) was to truly reinvigorate the venerable Hercules design, it should (or should I say must!) increase the fuselage (cargo hold) width!


Hi guys,
The Super Hercules looks a lot like the Belfast or the Airbus A4000M which still hasn't made it into service.
I don't remember for the Belfast (the Britannic I'd swear was larger), but the A400M at least is larger... BTW, Lockheed just proposed another iteration of fthe Hercules with a larger fuselage just to finish killing off the A400M. Problem is money. France already has switched from leasing a score of C-17s as a stop gap to leasing a score of C-130J, PLUS putting some money in "modernizing" (actually, maintaineng) the Transalls that are in a very bad shape ("use them with no problems, look, the A400M is just arounbd the corner...").
I was upset when Italy dropped off of FLA, and stuck with C-130Js, but I guess the AMI was actually right (maybe for the wrong reasons, but still right!)
There were plans at one point for a widened Hercules. Does anybody have a 3-view drawing for it?
Heavy Lift Cargo Airlines uses the Belfast along with the An-124. the Belfast slots in between the C-130 and the An-124. Entered service with the RAF in 1966, only 10 were built. The RAF retired them in 1976. the Belfast could carry a 100 tonnes payload, when it was new. it has been reduced to 30 tonnes. The cargo deck is 64ft long with a 12 x12 feet cross section.
I hope this helps.
rickshaw said:
There were plans at one point for a widened Hercules. Does anybody have a 3-view drawing for it?


There were at least two widened Herc proposals before the C-130XL.

- the Bristol Type 222 for the RAF, a GL-207 'Super Hercules' with Tynes and blown wings (as mentioned by Skybolt). The cargo hold was standard 10 ft width but height was increased from 9.1 ft to 10 ft.

- the C-130 WBS (Wide Body Section) for AMST with hold increased to 11.7 ft wide, 11.3 ft high, and 48.1 ft long.

Sorry, no 3-views.
There is a subject topic dedicated to the Shorts Belfast, with all the facts and pictures. Just click onto the Search icon.
I only found this out myself, by a reply from one of the seniors to this site.
Re: Super Hercules / Future Hercules / C-130XJ & C-130NG

A nice 'facelift' like in the automobile industry or upgrade for the C-130, but against the A400M.... Well, evolution works better than revolution. ;)
Lockheed Martin has quietly launched two new variants of the 57-year-old (and counting!) C-130 Hercules. The C-130XJ and the C-130NG both appeared in a presentation by Ralph Heath, executive vice president of Lockheed's Aeronautics division, on 1 December at the Credit Suisse aerospace and defense conference in New York.
Few details of both configurations have been made available so far. The C-130XJ is aimed at the export market, and is designed to make the aircraft affordable to a broader set of foreign buyers, Heath said. The "X" in the designation stands for "expandable", Heath added, and buyers can upgrade to the C-130J's full capability.​
It appears the C-130NG, which includes winglets and a redesigned nose and tail, will be offered after 2020 to replace the C-130H fleet. See a comparison between the old and new versions of the C-130J and C-130NG below.[...]​


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Wow...they are really scraping the bottom of the barrel. Somebody in engineering left their CAD station long enough for some Marketing dude to give birth to...that?

Winglets and a swept tail. While the former is vaguely understandable (add also some of the rear cargo door aero clean up devices I keep hearing about) , the latter seems to combine a vertical tail with a lil'bit of sweep and increased moment arm that does not compensate for what looks like smaller vertical area. As in the case of the 1964 Cessna 150, it looks entirely aesthetics-motivated (unless this version of the -130 has also magically picked up an extra two-tenths of a Mach top speed. If that were the case, the swept tail would be the last thing I'd worry about). It certainly doesn't help STOL.

Seriously, if this is Lockheed's strategy to sell more C-130s, I can recommend streamers on the handlebars and cards in the spokes as a next logical step. This wouldn't fly if Willis Hawkins was still around....
LM are looking to put their P-3 Orion hardware into the C-130 Hercules to create an MPA Sea Hercules.

Standridge also mentioned proposed new variants of the C-130J Hercules, the C-130XJ and C-130 Sea Hercules. The C-130XJ would be 10-15% less expensive than the existing C-130J, as previously reported by Flightglobal. Lockheed would achieve the savings by removing the C-130J's electronic warfare suite, defensive countermeasures and freight handling system.
The Sea Hercules would incorporate P-3C Orion capabilities into a C-130 airframe and be optimised for maritime patrol and anti-submarine warfare duties.

AeroFranz said:
(unless this version of the -130 has also magically picked up an extra two-tenths of a Mach top speed.

The NG also has a new cockpit area that looks more aerodynamic. Lower drag would translate in more speed and/or lower fuel bills.
From ebay,

the GL-207 Super Hercules.


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Good Day All!

A 3 view with a bit of info on the Super Hercules from the April 20, 1959 Av Week.

Enjoy the Day! Mark


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From Aviation magazine 1960,

the GL-207-42 was also a turbojet engined version.


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I happened to be looking thru Pan American Newsletter archive and found a nice August 1959 illustration!! Apparently the $30 million continued funding for the Allison T-61 was ended and thus so was the GL-207.....


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