Boeing Model 735

Looks like the tail swing, too.

hesham said:

the Boeing Model 735 was swing wing freighter aircraft project and
based on Model 720-320.

swing tail,that I meant,and I will correst it.
A few more details from from a later edition of Flight (5 Feb 1960, pg 187)

This Boeing 707 development was offered to meet an American Airlines specifications for an all-cargo aircraft (either an intermediate range 40-60,000 lb payload or a long range 80-100,000 lb payload turboprop or jet aircraft).

[An all-cargo version of the DC-8 (no details) was also offered. Lockheed's GL-207 Super Hercules and the swing-tail Canadair CL-44D had both failed to meet the spec but revised versions of both type were, at the time of writing, expected to be submitted.]

The all-cargo version of the Boeing 707 was the Model 735-28 which weighed 315,000 lb, had a payload of 93,766 lb, and would cost $6,825,000 in 1960 US dollars. A Model 735-30 was also on offer "with higher weight and increased thrust priced at about $8,025,000. In addition to American Airlines, Slick Airways is also reported to be interested in the Boeing 735."
The Douglas competitor was the Model 1920, an all-cargo, swingtail variant of the DC-8. Here are a couple pictures of a large Douglas 1920 factory model, which was presented to the Pentagon. Note roll-up ramps at rear of aircraft, which would retract into the DC-8 luggage area


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Thanx Circle, I was looking for a picture of the JetMaster since years ! The model was presented at the Las Vegas First Flight Congress in 1959, too.
Skybolt, are you saying that the Douglas 1920 design was to be called JetMaster, thus re-using the name of the XB-43 bomber prototype?
Yep, under that name it was presented at Las Vegas.
I concur. Some documentation came with The Douglas 1920 model, referring to it as the Jetmaster. The non-swingtail variant of the DC-8 Cargo would be known as the Jet Trader.
More info:
1) there were two model numbers assigned to swinging tail derivatives: 735 were for the civil cargo designs, derived both from KC-135 (Mdel 717) and 707. So there were different "dash" models for 735 (735-XXX). It would be interesting to know which dash was the shown derivative. Model 738 was assigned to military cargo derivatives of, again, both Model 717 and 707.
2) Some dashes were laterally swinging tail, some were upward swinging ones. Have a couple of drawings, will post as soon as I'm back where my scanner is.
Here, from Renè Francillon's "Boeing 707 Pioneer Jetliner", MBI Publishing Company, ISBN0-7603-0675-3 (highly recommended).


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Does this read "735-738" as in "general diagram for Models 735 and 738"... or diagram for "Model 735-738"?
The first, simply because I don't have a precise model for that design. The presence of windows implies a mixed or convertible cargo configuration, but who knowns if that was for civil (735) or military (738) markets ?
would I be right in thinking that had it gone into production and service, the model 735 would have been re-designated as a 707 variant?

Could it be that 735 is the side-swing tail model, while 738 is the up-swing variant?
No, both the 735 and the 738 had dashes with upward swinging tails. The differentiator was the destination (commercial or military).
Ta-daa: Model 735 fuselage mock-up.


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Re: Boeing 735 swing-tail jet freighter project......

Dear Boys and Girls, here is an article in French about the Boeing 735 swing-tail jet freighter "project"......

The article comes from the 12th November 1960 issue of Les Ailes......

Terry (Caravellarella)


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