Sukhoi very own QSP SSBJ


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1 April 2006
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If we can't built so far we at least can draw in CATIA quiet supersonic business jets.


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flateric said:
If we can't built so far we at least can draw in CATIA quiet supersonic business jets.

Are we to assume that this foreplane design has superceded the S-21 and S-51 SSBJ proposals?
Yes, drawings are about 3 years old, but personally I don't think that it ever will be flying as C-21 and C-51 did.
Surprisingly close to one of Raytheon QSP configuration.
TSAGI QSP SSBJ design presented on MAKS 2007. In words of TSAGI representative, this configuration is their own research, not related neither to HISAC program, nor Sukhoi SSBJ


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Some new info found on Sukhoi SSBJ, and some new design iterations dated 2006, courtesy


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I have never heard about a "Rolls Royce RB577-T800-Su1?"

From the 2.5:1 bypass ratio, it is clear that this engine is neither a typical commercial turbofan or typical military turbofan?

Does it employ and afterburner? What can well tell about the design heritage from the RB577 designation? Was the starting point for the design a high bypass type such as the Trent or BR700 series, or the low bypass EJ200?

Personally, I am the most fascinated by this previously unknown turbofan. As we all know, availability of a suitable engine is the prerequisite for any SSBJ!
I believe that it's a Trent core with a smaller fan and lower BPR. A number of studies in the QSP days showed that it was a workable solution for a Stage 4 compliant SBJ, with no major jiggery-pokery in the suppressor, as long as you held the cruise Mach to 1.8.
It certainly looks nothing like an EJ200 and there doesn't seem to be an afterburner.
No burner. The magic is the high horsepower and operating temperature tolerance of the Trent core.
LowObservable said:
No burner. The magic is the high horsepower and operating temperature tolerance of the Trent core.

I can only assume that no "magic" will apply to the cruising SFC. I would imagine that the operating economics might be equivalent to a small widebody twin, in a best case scenario, but altogether superior to a SSBJ powered by a low bypass military turbofan derivative.

I do have to wonder about potential military applications for an engine in this segment. Would this sort of medium bypass engine be appropriate to the 2018 Bomber?
Model of Sukhoi SSBJ on display at MAKS 2013.



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It is the airplane which was seen by something before. ;)


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Sukhoi SBJ configuration with podded nacelles has its roots back in 2000, well before any info on SAI QSST was released (and both being quite different a/c), and much likely has been influenced by NASA HSR/HSCT studies, namely Boeing Model 1080-2154 HiSCAT (you'd remember that Boeing and Sukhoi had some SSBJ snu-snu in late 90s-early 00s).


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I would like to see this beautiful SSBJ actually fly immediately. :D
unlikely, not talking about money even - as preferred concept now is one with top inlets above the tail fuselage
I did a small article on SSBJ for Dubai Airshow issue of Take-Off (if you are interested)
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