Sukhoi S-84 (1994)


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1 April 2006
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Light 5/6 seat administrative/recreational pusher plane from 1994


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Sukhoi had a scaled mockup and a brochure of the S-84 at Farnborough in 1994 where I took this photo.

Reason for edit: Wrong year!


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Sukhoi S-84 (1994)

Type: Four-seat light multipurpose STOL aircraft.

Program: Development started June 1993; model of current design shown at MosAeroshow '93; production could begin 1996, with certification to AR-23 standards.

Design features: Cantilever mid-wing monoplane; laminar-flow wing section; high-lift trailing edge surfaces; winglets added 1994; streamline fuselage, with flush canopy, upswept at rear; sweptback fin and T tailplane, clear of propeller arc; sweptback ventral fin protects propeller in tail down attitude on ground. Pusher propeller at tip of tailcone ensures low cabin noise levels and optimum forward view. Wing sweepback 0 degrees, except for modest sweep forward at roots; thickness/chord ratio 16 percent at root, 12 percent at tip; aspect ratio 8.5; dihedral 4 degrees from roots; incidence - 2 degrees.

Flying controls: Three-axis, maunual operations; ailerons with spoilers; upswept tailplane carrier one-piece horn balanced elevator; electromechanical two-section trailing edge flaps; trim tab in elevator.

Structure: All-composites airframe (GFRP and CFRP). Two-spar wings with few ribs; fuselage with longerons and honeycomb skin.

Landing gear: Retractable tricycle type; single wheel on each levered-suspension unit; oleo-pneumatic shock absorbers; mainwheel tires size 500 x 170 mm, pressure 3.9 bars (57 lb/sq in); nose wheel tire size 400 x 150 mm, pressure 2.95 bars (43 lb/sq in); nosewheel steerable plus or minus 40 degrees; anti-skid brakes on mainwheels. Designed for operation on grass fields.

Power plant: One 261 kW (350 hp) Teledyne Continental TSIOL-550 flat-six piston engine, buried in center fuselage behind wings; five blade propeller. Oil capacity 12 liters (3.2 US gallons; 2.6 Imperial gallons).

Accommodation: Pilot and passenger on individual front seat; two persons on 1.14 m (3 ft 8.75 in) wide rear bench. Provision for carrying 400 kg (882 lb) freight instead of passengers, or for ambulance, search and rescue, and other missions. Interior air conditioned. Large door with automatically retractable airstairs on each side.

Systems: Hydraulic system for landing gear actuation, nose wheel steering and spoilers; pressure 148 bars (2,150 lb/sq in). Servo-assisted brakes. Electric anti-icing system. Oxygen system standard, Nitrogen system for emergency landing gear extension.

Avionics: Designed for AlliedSignal Silver Crown avionics, for day/night VFR/IFR operation, into paved or unpaved fields, including those without ILS aids.

Equipment: Safety features include quick-response parachute. Option include bar, audio-visual system, TV camera and satcom.

Dimensions external
Wing span: 12.55 m (41 ft 2.25 in)
Length overall: 9.71 m (31 ft 10.25 in)
Height overall: 3.94 m (12 ft 11.25 in)

Weights and loadings
Weight empty: 1,105 kg (2,436 lb)
Max payload: 500 kg (1,102 lb)
Max T-O and landing weight: 1,900 kg (4,188 lb)
Normal T-O and landing weight: 1,700 kg (3,748 lb)

Performance (estimated)
Max cruising speed at 3,000 m (9,840 ft): 200 kts (370 km/h; 230 mph)
Economy cruising speed: 118 kts (220 km/h; 136 mph)
Range with maximum payload: 1,370 nm (2,540 km; 1,578 miles)
Range with maximum fuel: 2,536 nm (4,700 km; 2,920 miles)

Source: Jackson, Paul ed. Jane's All the World's Aircraft 1995-1996 Jane's Information Group Ltd. 1995 p. 384.
Sorry guys, this was a case of wrong filing. ::)
I went as far as digging my archives to find the negatives for proper date identification - it was indeed Farnborough 1994, not 1992.
Machdiamond said:
Sorry guys, this was a case of wrong filing. ::)
I went as far as digging my archives to find the negatives for proper date identification - it was indeed Farnborough 1994, not 1992.

Thank you for checking Luc, it is appreciated. :)

the earliest Sukhoi S-84 Projects.

Jane's All the World's Aircraft 1991-1992


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A recent EPay buy netted me this cutsheet on the S-84.

Enjoy the Day! Mark


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