Sukhoi S-6 project (Early Su-24 concept)


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2 January 2006
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Has anybody got the dimensions of the Sukhoi S-6 which was a development from the Flagon that ultimately led to the Su-24 ?

The drawings are in SSP:Bombers but dimensional data is not included.


Since it used the Su-15 wing I'd guess the span to be much the same but length would have been 3-5m longer for the extra crewman and the fat dorsal spine would have increased the overall height.


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The S-6 looks like Sukhoi was picking up where Lavochkin left off with the La-250. Hey, that's what I see... :-\
Victor Markovsky and Igor Prichodyenko have written a new 174 page book in Russian on the Su-24 recently published by Eksmo. This has a few new images of S-6 (low res copies attached) plus a lot of detail on the various avionics used.


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G’day gents!

I’m currently reading about the development of the Sukhoi Su-24 ‘Fencer,’ and keep coming across reference to:
-“It designed and built a mockup of ''S-6'', a delta wing aircraft powered by two Tumansky R-21F-300+ turbojet+ engines and with a crew of two in a tandem arrangement. The mockup was inspected but no further work was ordered due to lack of progress on the ''Puma'' hardware.”
-“S6 - an early project in the gestation of the Su-24, like a meld of the Su-7 and Su-15.”

Does anyone by chance have drawings/pictures/technical data of this Sukhoi S6 design? I’m not having too much luck …well no luck, if the truth be known, finding anything on the web on the Sukhoi S6 design/mockup!

sferrin said:
Could they be referring to the T-6?

Thank you sferrin! I thought this too. But the literature I've been looking at all goes on to denote the 'T6' clearly as another development.
Thanks for your input!!

PaulMM (Overscan) said:
How about searching for "Sukhoi S-6" on this site? ;)

Well that's embarrassing my dear Paul!
I never doubted you for a second ;)


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I just stumbled upon the S-6 post. Someone commented it used the Su-15 wing. The drawings that are posted don’t show any wings that look like Su-15 wings. Am I missing something? Thanks.
Any reason for the reverse ramp on the inlet of the S-6 03? I've never seen one in that position before.
Any reason for the reverse ramp on the inlet of the S-6 03? I've never seen one in that position before.

It is to feed the jet engines with plenty of air just like the MiG-25, but also reducing FOD (foreign object damage) to a minimal.

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