Stal-5 KhB as a chemical fighter


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26 May 2006
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the Stal-5 KhB was developed from Stal-5 as chemical fighter for
spraying was gases,has anyone a drawing to it ?.
Hmm... As I can see, such a version of the Stal-5 is mentioned only by foreign sources (especially B. Gunston's encyclopedia which I myself have never seen, but Wikipedia etc. refer on it). In all Russian sources, the Stal-5 project is mentioned only as a 18-seat flying wing airliner. And that is not only in Shavrov's book first published in 1969 (see, but also in "100-year-long Flying Wing History" by Dmitry Sobolev, published in 1998.

The Stal-5 was projected by Alexander Putilov since 1933; in early 1934 (according to Shavrov) the mockup was approved and the wing spar for static stress tests was made. This spar featured with excellent quality and was even exhibited in Moscow Polytechnical Museum. Then it was decided, before construction of actual Stal-5 prototype, to test its unusual layout in flight. For this, the 1/4 scale piloted model was built and tested in 1935. But the results were not very exciting: the experimental aircraft appeared very stringent in control. The decision was that the airliner could not be safe enough, and the project was cancelled. Instead of it, Putilov created a single-engine, 5-seat Stal-11 with classic layout:

The Stal-5 resembled something like Burnelli without tail booms. Its wingspan was 23 m, wing area 120 m2. The aircraft was powered by two Mikulin AM-34F engines, 860/900 hp each. Empty weight was about 5500 kg, takeoff weight about 8000 kg. You can see a very rough 3-view at

Unfortunatley I haven't seen any photos or pictures of experimental Stal-5 piloted model, although it was really flown. But it's known that it wasn't a direct copy of its big brother: the wing trailing edge was almost straight, and the tail fins were mounted on the wingtips. The wingspan was 6 m, wing area 15 m2; engines were two 45-hp Salmsons.

Maybe Gunston confused the Stal-5 with Chizhevsky BOK-6 project? It was also a flying wing with two M-34 engines - but BOK-6 was a bomber. It also was never built, and I have no more info on this project. Maybe borovik knows anything more? ???
Hej All,

Is there effectivelly any more detail presently available on this Bok-6 tailless bomber project designed by Vladimir Antonovich CHIZHEVSKY.
Will love to see a 3V drawing...

Thanks in advance,

Only my old and VERY speculative drawings.
Philippe, in the afternoon, check your mail.
redstar72 said:
Hmm... As I can see, such a version of the Stal-5 is mentioned only by foreign sources (especially B. Gunston's encyclopedia which I myself have never seen, but Wikipedia etc. refer on it).
I have Bill Gunston's encyclopaedias (both Soviet then Russian aircraft) but there are no Stal nor Putilov chapters, which manufacturer's chapter should I check? (there is no index alas).
Hej Tophe,

Aleksander Ivanovitch Putilov was working for the OOS (Otdel Opytnogo Samolyetostroeniya / Section for experimental aircraft construction).
"Stal" seems to mean "Steel" in Russian.

Many thanks Borovik!

I confirm: in "the Osprey Encyclopedia of Russian Arcraft 1875-1995" by Bill Gunston (published 1995), page278:
Stal-5 - Impressive flying-wing schemed by A.I. Putilov in 33 to reach ultimate transport efficiency (...) Also planned KhB version (Khimichyeskii Boyevik, chemical fighter) for spraying war gases. (...) after some tinkering project abandoned.


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