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New book "Bartini and His Projects - Vol.1" by Konstantin Udalov


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Dec 10, 2016
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I had the opportunity to take a look at a new book wrote by our friend Konstantin Udalov (Ucon), developed in cooperation with the artist Marek Rys. This book is the first volume of a series of four, which will show in depth the projects of the engineer Roberto Bartini. In this first book, the author mention the projects developed in the period between 1923 and 1945, which correspond to the first series of Bartini’s projects. The book starts with a very detailed biography of Bartini, telling his history and solving some “historical mysteries” Bartini was involved. For example, Bartini claimed himself to be Italian, but documents shown in this book tell a totally different history, which I do not want to spoil. The first projects of Bartini are mainly seaplanes, starting from small and growing up to larger, more complex aircraft. From many projects, there is one which, although not built exactly as Bartini designed, it had a s econd “incarnation” at the hands of Tupolev design Bureau. The huge MTB-2 was a double-hull, six-engined patrol flying boat. It was meant to fight enemy ships at great distances. This aircraft is, in truth, the forefather of the future Tupolev MK-1 flying boat, with some changes, like a slightly reduced size. After the seaplanes, Bartini became involved in land-based aircraft projects. Among many others, the book show us the special Stal-6 aircraft. This single-engined aircraft has a special place in my review. With an unusual design, it proved to be highly maneuverable and broke the soviet aircraft speed record. Although very promising, the Stall-6 had some problems which needed to be corrected, mainly in the engine’s cooling system and a cockpit with poor visibility. The author show us how these problems were solved. Another remarkable aircraft, the Stal-7 was very successful in its purpose. This twin-engine transport aircraft was so good that some other variants such as bombers and airliners were developed. It also broke another speed record in the Soviet Union, during a 5.068 km nonstop flight. After a series of propeller-driven aircraft projects, Bartini started his journey into the jet age. In this part, we are able to uncover one of Bartini’s most mysterious projects: the Project “R”. Developed as a fighter, information about this aircraft was very rare. Thanks to the efforts of the author and the collaboration with SibNia institute, accurate informations and documents were found and its history is now in this book. With these references in hand, the artist Marek Rys was able to reconstruct the aircraft appearance, revealing the true shape of this incredible bird. Without any doubt, this book is a masterpiece in aviation literature. The quality of the text and pictures are unmatched, it provide us a deep dive into all of these projects. In my opinion, it is safe to say that this book and the series to come will be the most complete guide devoted to Bartini’s incredible works, it is a “must have” for all aviation enthusiasts and specialists.

I wish everybody a nice reading!!


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Mar 6, 2013
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Any plans for an English translation by any chance?


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Jul 18, 2018
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I had also the opportunity to take a look on the new book from Konstantin Udalov. As Gabriel has written above a very good book with lot´s of information and very good drawings from Marek Rys. The drawings are very good to see the Aircraft in details and understand them. Also on the first pages there is a very interesting biography about Bartini, very interesting informations about this guy. I can highly recommend everybody this book who is interested in Aviation Projects and Historie. For me, the books by Konstantin Udalov are among the best in all of the aviation literature. I am enthusiastic and looking forward to the next three books about Bartini and his Projects.

I wish everyone a lot of joy with the book.


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Nov 18, 2012
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I also had the joy to read Konstantins latest Book on Bartini. Here I only want the add (to gabrieloroscos review) only some small things, which were interesting to me. Bartini is within the centre of the most advanced designers at that time (here espec. in the late 1920s and 1930s) in europe. The ideas of Dornier, Latecoere and other come together and Bartini is the man who takes the best out of it and brings it into the soviet (Stalin era) aircraftdesign, aviationresearch and industry. He does not simply cover things, no he had his own ideas at the hight of his time and had very good teams, institutions, colleagues and friends to work with. One good examples for this is the consquent use of metal in flying boats. The book covers the projects LL-1 and LL-2, MBR-2, MDR-3, MTB-2, flying boats for the use in the arctic, experimental fighter "ZI", then the Shtal-6 and Shtal-7, the bomber Er-2 and the attemps to convert it into civil use (passenger and transport), the Er-20, Shtal-8. Completely new to me were the projects "Koiot", an advanced trainer, the projct "R" and the project "114RB". Especially project "R" looks like an strikingly modern stealth jet, although it dates from 1942. The whole book is written very well, based on the sources (some of the sources are presented here for the first time) and rounded up with the beautiful artwork by Marek Rys and Jozef Gatial. These renderings make good impression on what these planes would have looked like in action. Can´t wait for the next volumes to come!


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Nov 9, 2007
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Just an observation. Without access to someone selling this book, some people cannot comment.



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Jun 18, 2008
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I also had the joy to read Konstantins latest Book on Bartini.

I'am really happy that you like it :) Working on this book was long and deep experience. We analysed so many docs, so many sketches that when I looking at now I asked myself: How it was possible :D

Anyway - illustration material for second volume is ready - also for last vol with ekranoplanes is ready in 90% (We found two next projects and decided to include them) - Kostia finishing text and layout now. ALL what is presented in our books is based on oryginal docs. Available books about Bartini are... very... hmmm.... incomplete, would say. Many designs are missed, many presented only in small part... Good example is "R" project - known only from description so far... I remember a day, when Kostia sent me message: found sketch of R... There was more moments like this...

In second volume will be included also many (MANY!!!) unknown earlier projects (T-118 is good example) and variants. Third... Third will be also "kingdom of unknown", I believe :D We made some discoveries, sometimes in unexpected places.

Final books are effect of houndreds of hours of analising, discussions (sometimes VERY hot, with trowing away from fb contacts including :D ), and work. Mine: modelling, rendering, analysing technical aspects; Kostia's: prepering docs, analising text, writing text, pushing me to work faster, correctng liveries etc :D Many times we started with "small" - 3-4 variant projects and finishing it discovering next five :D

Invaluable help was consultations with SiBNIA specialists, that was possible thanks to Kostia... Really good years :D

PS. Anyone interesting in book can contact me by pm.
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