SR-71: The Complete Illustrated History of the Blackbird by Richard H. Graham


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3 October 2007
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Considering who wrote it, I didn't hesitate one second

Sounds good! :)

Too bad the cover picture is a bit of a cliché. This angle of view has been put on book covers time and time again, and there are so many other great angles to look at...
My copy just arrived. Just scanned it, have not had a chance to read it in detail. It's written for a wider audience than his previous books, especially, "Flying the SR-71 Blackbird", but it's well worthwhile. There are enough new things in the text pictures and anecdotes that I feel I definitely got my money's worth. An excellent product.

Probably have to blame the publisher for the cliched pic on the cover, but it is visually arresting and might have been chosen for the wider audience.
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