Soviet civil aeroengines


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8 May 2006
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I have come across some interesting material on this topic over the past few weeks, compiled here for your edification :)

The first source is a history of Nikolai Kuznetsov and his design bureau from the magazine "Dvigatel", among other things describing how Perm's PS-90 (then called D-90) replaced the little-known NK-56/-64 to be chosen for the next generation of Soviet airliners, the Il-96 and Tu-204. Also of note is that the ill-fated NK-93 propfan apparently has a legacy in the shape of the NK-38ST, a stationary gas turbine which was derived from the gas generator of the former.

The second is a neat collection of datasheets on the website of the Ulyanovsk Higher Civil Aviation School, containing such gems as the NK-110 pusher propfan (GE36-ski, though with a gearbox), the D-100 high bypass ratio turbofan (8:1, based on the PS-90) and various cryogenic projects.
Now that we have a dedicated section for propulsion projects, maybe this topic could be moved there?

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