Soviet N1F-L3M Lunar Project

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13 August 2007
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after the fiasco with N1-L3 Project

they made study for Lunar landing program called N1F-L3M in 1970
a Soyuz capsule on top of a torus shape mini lunar minibase
after landing the Crew had to made EVA to left Soyuz in to Station

later it was overwork in 1972
the Soyuz is now inside a pressurized shell
called LEK = Lunar Expeditionary Complex

had to be dual launch with N-1F with improve NK-33 engine
fist with Block Sr (liquid hydrogen/liquid oxygen)
second with LEK
then rendevous with Block Sr and Dock
the Sr Ignites and bring LEK to Moon orbit, then serve as 'lunar crasher' stage for LEK

with Mission up to 90 day, look like Soviet version of AAP
got some one more info or Picture ?

the Picture show the 1973 L3M Mockup at Energia
(in background of LK)


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One blueprint:

one of N1 variants got Block B with Lox/Lh2
that means singel launch to moon

but the drawings is labeled "Charles P Vick"
so only US estimate or real proposal?
As my friend says, who knows CPV for a long, Charles rarely even uses a ruler while drawing - with exciting results.
Soviet N1M soviet Project

in 1965 was study for redesign of N1 rocket.
with complete new First stage and later with Lox/Hydrogene upper stages (N1MV-II-III)
this first stage is a monster, mass increase from 1770 tons to 3800 tons.
the 30 engine are increased in Thrust, by higher pressure in engine chamber. in total thrust 73575 kN

sadly there only info about, this Study in west
and only on Astronautix
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have our russian members more info about this rocket?

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