Hi Jozef. Thank you very much for beautiful dream.
AAM size is very big to compensate rather short endurance of VTOL fighter.
Nice !

enjoy !

Awesome...please any more information on this proposed VTOL as in propulsion? I see two versions one with more blunt nose one with pointed nose...which is correct?
Both are correct but different;

both prone pilot;

AP 507: engine not defined but 9250 kgp;
Bruche: Atar 101

here, links down the article for instance

I am in what appears to be air augmented heaven!!!!! Now if only I could translate french into english. This appears to me to be some type of turbine based air augmented shrouded (the conical shroud) based propulsion concept? And I have now found several designs based on this concept. This one intruges me the most. Anyone that can read and translate french please help me out on propulsion scheme. If only I could see the key to know what those numerical assembly drawing components are.


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The propulsion of those the BTZ and later SNECMA projects was a combination of
turbine engine with a ramjet, in the same way as in the Leduc 022. The BTZ Bruche
was proposed in two different versions, one with a conventionally seated pilot, the other
with the pilot in a prone position.


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yes Jemida;

below the kit instruction sheet, its a small pict but
you can see manufacturer drawings

Anyway nice picture by Joseph...
Seems these EX VTOL's based mostly on the annular wing rather than augmented thrust. However I have to wonder why not combine the two concepts in a unique gyro EDF RC EX toy????? Got me to thinking....
Jack pot!
As usual brilliant work. I must admit when I first saw it all I could think was "Thunderbirds are go!" or Rocketship XL5. Both wonderful memories in of themselves.
It could (!) be a Matra M.04, see attaced picture from Bill Gunstons "Enzyklopädie der Raketen
und Lenkwaffen". But it could as well be based on Jean Cunys drawings, at least it looks similar
to the missile often found in his drawings. And we already had a thread, where I asked for identi-
fication, without success ... :-\


(Oops, sorry, forgot to attach the photo)


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At this time the missile was still projected.

Ref can be the Matra R530


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