Small UAS / Drones and related general thread - NOT Swarming ones.

Placing this here. While it refers to Ukraine, I think the content has broader applications. It also provides a useful overview of developments.


First FPV drone with automatic guidance.
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$40m worth of damage caused by small drone.


$10m worth of damage caused by small drone.


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German publication BILD infographic on the current range of Ukrainian drones. 1712327619594.png
German publication BILD infographic on the current range of Ukrainian drones. View attachment 724691
It tells a fair deal about Bild that they have marked the island of Novaja Zemlja which houses nothing that Ukraine would be interested in striking but have not marked the Cross of Yamal (a meeting point of nearly all of the gas pipelines running from the Western Siberian fields to Europe located in Surgut which, BTW, happens to be in the region inhabited by the last remaining Eastern Khanty and Forest Nenets people) or Uralvagonzavod's factory in Nižnyj Tagil.


The UJ-25 is a weaponized version of the Ukrjet UJ-23 Topaz target drone. Both aircraft have missile-like main bodies, forward-swept wings, V-tail configurations, and top-mounted air intakes at the rear of the fuselage feeding into a turbojet engine; the UJ-25 differs outwardly only by having forward canards. Although the Skyline's specifications are not known, the Topaz has a cruise speed of 600 km/h (370 mph), a top speed of 800 km/h (500 mph), endurance of 90 minutes, and a mission radius of 400 km (250 mi) with a payload weight of 10 kg (22 lb) and is guided either by manual control link or by following a preprogrammed route. As a one-way kamikaze drone, the UJ-25 could have a strike range of around 800 km (500 mi), long enough to reach Moscow. Its jet propulsion makes it harder to counter than piston engine Shahed-136 drones used by Russia, as its faster speed combined with relatively small size and low-observable characteristics reduces the reaction time for air defenses to attempt to intercept it.[1]

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Ukrainian-made CDET LLC RAM II combat loitering munition

up to 55 min
Flight time
up to 30 km
Maximum flight distance
3 kg
Payload capacity
1 m


GENERAL QUESTION: Does the stuff these drones tend to be made of reflect radar or not?
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