Sikorsky Advancing Blade Concept (ABC) projects

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here is a Sikorsky ABC helicopter,as a Scout,Transport,Commercial and Skycrane


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Thank you my dear Triton,

and here is anther artist drawing to Sikorsky ABC in marines form;


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Hmmmm.... wonder how they Marines felt about getting out with a giant propellor right in front of them? Have to hope the aircrew remembered to do that when coming into a hot landing zone.


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Good Day All -

A recent EPay buy - nice artwork too. Any ideas on a Model #?

Enjoy the Day! Mark


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That's a cool concept and it's cool to see them use a 727 fuselage as the basis. It would make a nice kit bashing model.
An ad featuring the aircraft posted above but unfortunately no further information.


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I'll second that. I would love to see more pictures of the restoration.

Now that my posting issues have graciously been fixed by the mods (sincere thank you by the way). Per your request:

PLEASE STAND BY! Well maybe my posting woes are not so fixed.

Will post as soon as I can
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Now that my posting issues have graciously been fixed by the mods (sincere thank you by the way). Per your request:

hate to say that there is still something wrong with these.

They show up with filenames like "20190429_125747-jpg.613454" and either Windows or the website do not know how to handle them. I suspect it's the numbers after the file extension that are screwing things up, but I can't tell if they're a website problem or something in your original file naming convention.
I think this was due to the server running out of space (due to me not having deleted the test migration files). Certainly seems OK now I fixed the space issue.
Fresh out of the restoration shop at Ft. Rucker! Can put up more pictures if anyone is interested.

Wish they'd have been that kind to their XCH-62 and their AH-56 Cheyenne. :(

sferrin - I am told that the AH-56 is being restored at this time. Some of us were there when the
XCH-62 died. We actually got the contractor tasked to rip it apart and cart the metal away to stop work for half an hour so we could recover some of the bits. The massive (five man carry) cargo hook was rescued into the back of a pickup truck and is now up in Huntsville, Alabama along with the fight controls and the data plate. Some of us got metal bits that the wife immediately consigned to the garage with all the other "man crap". The good news is that it seems the Army Aviation Museum has finally found enough money to build an extension where all of the experimental rotorcraft of the 60's and 70's will be put on display after restoration.
Not a new idea by Sikorsky : This ABC UTTAS proposal was shown
in Air & Cosmos 12.1968 (No design/type numbers given) :

Cleaner, color version of this picture from Hesham's link above.

The doors on the troop compartment are interesting, and probably way too complex to make work in practice. Looks like three or four separate troop doors on each side, with the upper transparent section sliding up and in, probably on a track, while the outer section folds down and out. No idea how they would close the lower parts without a crewman on the ground.


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Wow, never seen the ABC crane before. Thanks for post, hesham.
I guess it makes sense in terms of smaller total rotor diameter and not losing any potential lifting power to the anti-torque rotor...

Sure doesn't make sense in terms of speed.
Not really. ABC and contra-rotating rotors have inherent asynchronous trimming behavior that would be exacerbated with an underslung load (think pendulum oscillations).
In effect, it's a very similar limitation than moveable Canards on airplanes.

An application today would do good using the extra available shaft power to drive E-Fans as anti-torque.
That looks like fun. You know how many 19 year old's we would have killed letting them fly a Heli-cycle like that!
To bad the transmission would have consumed the entire center of the aircraft.

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