Shropshire UFO looks familiar...

I was thinking Photoshop, but, yeah. An RC plane made out of, say, foam would be effective in this role, probably fairly cheap, and probably less immediately debunkable than PS.
Shropshire lies in the West Midlands of England.
How it come that those picture are from 19th April 2008. About a UFO siting in Greenville, South Carolina, USA ?

The other interesting observation is that there doesn't even appear to be any heat distortion behind the vehicle. I mean, anyone who kind of knew how to fake something would have at least remembered to put that in when they photo shopped it.
Everyone knows they fly using spinning mercury vortices or something. No heat distortion. I read all about it on the internet...
You'd think little green men wouldn't need verticals for yaw stability...
I bet there's a ducted fan on top of the fuselage.
Wonder if it was related to an event like this? Cosford is just up the road.

Mind you, could have been this:

The Shropshire Star has now pulled the article from their website after I and others pointed out that the photos matched those supposedly taken in Greenville, South Carolina six years ago...


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