Selbstfahrgeschutz NK I & II


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11 November 2006
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I wonder if someone here could provide me with some data on the Swiss Selbstfahrgeschutz NK I and II

Thanks in advance
Nahkampkanone I:


weight: 10 t
length: 6,46m
width: 2,20m
height: 2,28m
crew: 5 men
engine Praga, gasolin, 120 hp
armour: 40mm (front), 25mm (sides), 25mm (superstructure)
armament: 7.5 cm Kanone K42, later 10.5 cm Hb 42 howitzer

The assault gun was based on the Pz39 tank of the Czechoslovakian origin chassis that had one road wheel added on each side. The engine as well as transmission was also taken from the Czech tank.

Nahkampfkanone II:


weight: 24 t
length: 5,24m
width: 2,58m
height: 2,15m
crew: 5 men
engine Saurer CVDM, Diesel, 280 - 300 hp
armour: 70mm (front), 40mm (sides)
armament: 7.5 cm Panzerabwehrkanone, 45 rounds

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As far as I know, it was the official designation. Of course, both vehicles were prototypes only, so they had no "official" service designation.

Actually, "Nahkampfkanone", translation could be "close-in combat gun".
Interesting array of vehicles in the background of the first photo. A Stug III, a Jagdpanther and a Panther. Wonder how the Swiss acquired them?
Some more links from a forum with more WW2 Swiss Army gear.

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