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14 January 2007
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Sorry if I disturb, but I search also for drawings and technical data of the SAIMAN project 207, the predecessor of the 208. Found a little info in Dimensione Cielo No.11, but without pics... ???

I need also pics of the SAIMAN 205 (this was a real aircraft). I believe 3 prototypes built, with the Designation of the Reggia Aeronautica M.M.389,390,391... ::)

Servus Maveric
Mav, sorry for answering now. No picture whatsover on the 207, neither photos nor drawing. SAIMAN archive were completely destroyed during the fightings around Rome (Anzio) in 1944. A friend of mine loked in the designer personal archives: nothing there too.
...bad news for me :'(. But thanks for your work Skybolt!

Servus Maveric
My dear Maveric;

SAIMAN 207 was two seat biplane,powered by two IF beta RC 10 engines.

SAIMAN 205 was a two seat primary trainer biplane,developed from Type 200,
powered by one Alfa Romeo 110 engine,only two aircraft were built.
Some sources (not verified) relate SAIMAN 207 as a carrier-borne attack-fighter derived from SAIMAN V.A.L. (Velivolo da Attacco Leggero) but I fear that there is a bit of confusion mixing SAIMAN with SAI Ambrosini, which SAI 207 was a fighter.

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