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May 26, 2006
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The Société de Construction AéroNavale (SCAN) was a French builder of seaplanes, based in the Port-Neuf district of
La Rochelle in Charente-Maritime. The company is founded by Léon Douzille and assisted by aeronautical engineer,
Bernard Deveze, (former chief of studies at the Potez establishments in Méaulte).

Its aircraft was begun from first series from 1939 up to 1944,and after the WWII it repeated use the same number in a second series as follow :-

SCAN-10 was a high-wing side-by-side two-seat trainer flying boat monoplane Project of 1940,powered by one Potez 8D pusher engine,mounted above the fuselage and aft the wing position
SCAN-20 was a tandem two-seat high wing trainer monoplane flying boat of 1939/40,powered by one 325 hp Bearn 6D pusher engine,also mounted above the fuselage and aft the wing position,built secret in 1941,and didn't fly until 1945
SCAN-30 was a twin engined low-wing float recce monoplane Project of 1941,very similar to Potez-63/11,had a 11m length,16m span and twin tail-fin
SCAN-40 ------?
SCAN-50 ------?
SCAN-60 ------?
SCAN-70 was a three-seat sequiplane patrol seaplane Project of 1940,with single large float,and powered by one engine,had 11.25m length and 13.50m span and twin tail fin
SCAN-71 was a developed version of SCAN-70,but had a low-wing monoplane shape,Project of 1940,powered by one engine,
had a length 11.25m and span 14.50m,and a twin tail fin
SCAN-71a was a version of SCAN-71,but had a different dimensions,11.30m length and 13.50 span,Project of 1940
SCAN-72 was a three-seat sesquiplane trainer float seaplane Project,powered also by one engine,and had 11.25m length and 13.50 span

- From 1945 :-

SCAN-20 was the same flying boat aircraft of 1941,but made it first flying in 1945
SCAN-20 Gipsy Queen was a variant from SCAN-20
SCAN-20 Amp was an amphibian version of SCAN-20
SCAN-21/1 was a the same SCAN-20,but fitted with two floats,Project of 1945
SCAN-21/2 was the same SCAN-20,but fitted with Mathis 16G turboprop engine,Project of 1948/49
SCAN-22/1 was the same SCAN-20,but fitted with three guns as armed version,Project of 1947
SCAN-22/2 was the same SCAN-20,two Mathis 16G turboprop engine,Project of 1949
SCAN-23 was a version of SCAN-20,Project of early 1949
SCAN-24 was a the same SCAN-20,but fitted with two Mathis 8G-40 engines,Project of 1949
SCAN-25 was the same SCAN-20,powered by one (Tractor) Snecma 12S engine,Project of 1949
SCAN-30 was a licence built Grumman G-44 Widgeon amphibian flying boat
SCAN-31 was a unknown Project
SCAN-32 was a twin engined high-wing amphibian flying boat Project,inspired from Grumman Goose,length 9.60m and 14.50m span
SCAN-40 was itself the Roussel-40,a twin boom pusher light monoplane
SCAN-50 was a 8-passenger high-wing amphibian flying boat monoplane Project of 1948,inspired from Grumman Albatross,powered by two Renault 12S engines
SCAN-60 ------?
SCAN-70 was a recce/observation float monoplane Project,maybe developed from early SCAN-70 of 1940,Project of 1949
SCAN-71 & SCAN-72 was a developed versions of SCAN-70
SCAN-80 was a twin jet fighter seaplane Project of 1949,had a retractable two floats
SCAN-90 ? was a parasol wing amphibian flying boat Project,a small version of SCAN-30,powered by two engines,and had 9m length and 13m span
SCAN-100/A ? was a transport amphibian flying boat Project,had 12m length and 16m span,powered by three engines (two tractor mounted in the wing,and one pusher above the wing
SCAN-100/B ? was the same SCAN-100A,but had a parasol wing and a three tractor engines mounted in the wing
SCAN-100/C ? was the same SCAN-100A,but had a parasol wing and two tractor engines plus one pusher engine mounted at the front and behind the wing respectively
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