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Ryan Vertiwing

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Dec 27, 2005
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Source: Ryan Reporter Vol27 Issue 1 (Jan/Feb 1965)
Two STOPPED-ROTOR FLIGHT SYSTEMS that would add supersonic speed capabilities to conventional rotor-winged aircraft concepts, have been proposed by a Ryan Aeronautical Company engineer. Peter F. Girard, head of advanced programs for the San Diego firm and former chief engineering test pilot for Ryan, introduced the two concepts before the Dayton, Ohio, Section of the American Helicopter Society October 5.

Each of the systems represents a distinctly different concept. One, known as the "Vertiwing," employs a delta-shaped, rotating wing that provides vertical lift characteristics plus fixed-wing capabilities. Once airborne, the aircraft's delta wing rotation is stopped and conventional, fixed-wing configuration is assumed, permitting high-speed performance.

The thin, highly swept double delta wing possesses very desirable supersonic characteristics and some variants, with high fineness ratio fuselages and special engine inlets, are capable of high supersonic speeds, yet able to hover at disc loading under 25 pounds per square foot.


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